Thursday, April 26, 2012

2012 NFL Draft: Vikings Team Needs

The Minnesota Vikings are on the clock at #3, so lets take a quick look at their greatest needs for the 1st round.

Top Needs: LT, WR, Receiving RB

Charles Johnson was an abject disaster at LT last season, and with injury plagued Christian Ponder starting his second season (and first full season) at QB, someone needs to be covering his blind side, or he'll end up on his ass more than David Carr. Matt Kalil makes the most sense if the Vikings go in this direction. He is the top rated tackle in our 2012 Draft Prospectus, and he fits right in on the left side on day one.

If they go the WR route, nobody gets it done better than Oklahoma State's Justin Blackmon. One of the better receivers to come out in the draft since Calvin Johnson, Blackmon is a do all type who makes plays on the perimeter, and also does all of the stuff away from the ball that you need in a top flight receiver, such as route running, defensive recognition, and blocking away from the ball.

If they go receiving RB, that would be a problem, as Trent Richardson has never been asked to be much of a receiver. You also still have Adrien Peterson and Toby Gerhart on the roster. Too crowded if you ask me. The best available receiving back would be Doug Martin, and he will not go at #3 in this draft.

Our choice: Matt Kalil, OT, USC

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