Thursday, April 26, 2012

2012 Draft: Browns Needs

The Cleveland Browns are a team in need of many things all over the field on both sides of the ball, but wht they really need right now is someone who can ttack the field on offense, someone who can spread things out and give Colt McCoy any chance of succeeding, if they intend on sticking with him. Lets take a look at their team needs overall...

Needs: QB, LG, WR, RB, DE, CB

Best Options

QB Brandon Weeden: He has been flying up the charts in recent weeks, and has worked tirelessly in the offseason to raise his stock. I love the guy, and I think that he is a winner, but don't see him going this soon. Browns would be smart to see him drop tp the bottom of the round and take him with their latter 1st round selection.

OG David DeCastro: DeCastro is a monster of a guard, and is incredibly talented, but again, it's hard to see him going this soon. Smart money says let him fall, or trade down to acquire him.

WR Justin Blackmon: Blackmon is the stud of the receiver class. We had the Vikings considering him before letting him slide in favor of Kalil. The Browns should not make that choice for another pick.

RB Trent Richardson: The Browns need to replace Peyton Hillis, but not here. Richardson is not enough of a playmaker on his own to go out and change the Browns fortunes.

DE Quentin Coples: Coples could change the defense up front, but he could be had later. He's worth it here, but the need is for playmakers on offense.

CB Morris Claiborne: There is no doubt that the Browns need a guy like Claiborne, and it could be a painful choice between he or Blackmon.

I Pick: WR Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State...Blackmon is the guy that the Browns absolutely need. The offense is lacking big time playmakers, and Blackmon could be a star here right away.

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