Monday, January 9, 2012 All-Bilo FBS Punter of the Year 2011

The winner of the All-Bilo punter of the Year for 2011 did not come from a winning team, but his team's struggles certainly aided his personal portfolio, which is a silver lining being a punter on a team that otherwise cannot get out of their own way. In that regard, this individual more than earned his scholarship this season. And the winner of the All-Bilo FBS Punter of the YEar for 2011 is...

Bobby Cowan, Idaho
Cowan was forced to punt for the struggling Vandals a whopping 88 times in 2011, which averaged out to 7.3 punts per game. He never faltered, as one would fear that his leg would at some point fall off. He nailed his punts for an average of 46.41 yards per punt on the season. Cowan ounted a season high 11 times against Louisiana Tech, and also hit double figures with 10 punts against Texas A&M. He averaged 50 yards per punt in the Louisiana Tech game, and 42.5 yards per punt against A&M. In all, Cowan punted for an extraordinary 4084 yards on the season for the 2-10 Vandals.

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