Monday, January 9, 2012 All-Bilo FBS PR of the Year 2011

We wrap up the 2011 All-Bilo Awards with our final position, Punt Returns for FBS football. This individual had one of the great seasons in college football history. At this time we are proud to announce that the winner of the All-Bilo FBS Punt Return Man of the Year Award winner for 2011 is...

Joe Adams, Arkansas
Adams busted loose this season as the Razorbacks punt return man. Adams returned 4 scores for touchdowns in 2011, while only returning 19 punts on the season. Adams racked up 321 yards on those 19 returns, averaging 16.89 yards per return on the season for the 11-2 Razorbacks, making him one of the most dangerous return men in the country.

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