Monday, January 9, 2012 All-Bilo FBS KR of the Year 2011

We continue now with our All-Bilo FBS Kick Returner of the Year for 2011. This individual was purely electric when given half a chance to bust through a seam in 2011. He was a strong beacon on a team that is trying to build from the ground up, and was a spark for this team throughout the season. The winner of the 2011 All-Bilo FBS Kick Return Man of the Year Award is...

Taveon Rogers, New Mexico State
Rogers averaged 26.16 yards per return on the 2011 season, and returned 3 of his 50 touches for touchdowns for the Aggies. Rogewrs was probably the most electric player to wear the uniform in Las Crucas in years, and racked up 1308 yards in total return yards alone. He averaged 100.6 kick return yards per game on 3.8 returns. Rogers' best game came against Fresno State, when he returned 8 kicks for 246 yards and a TD, averaging 30.7 yards per return on the day.

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