Monday, December 12, 2011 All-Bilo D2 Kick Returner of the Year 2011

We complete our positional D2 players of the year for 2011 with the final piece of the special teams game, Kick Returner. Once again, after special consideration, our winner has been found. The winner for the All-Bilo D2 Kick Return Man of the Year for 2011 is...

James Langford, Shaw
Langford blew the doors off of the stadium whenever he touched the ball on kickoff returns in 2011, as he led the nation with an average of 37.07 yards per return, while taking three to the house for TDs on the year. Langford rolled uop 556 yards on just 15 returns on the season for the Bears, while averaging 1.88 returns per game in 8 games on the season.
Congratulations to James and to the Shaw program!

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