Monday, December 12, 2011 All-Bilo D2 Coach of the Year 2011

Our final individual award for D2 College Football is upon us now, as we name our All-Bilo D2 Coach of the Year for 2011. This award is given to the coach who shows excellence in improving his team from one season to the next, and who can go the farthest while dealing with adversity and issues that often transcend the game. We are very proud to give this award to a coach who we feel really started out behind the 8 bal this season, and who worked miracles to carry out one fantastic season given the cards that were dealt to start the year. The winner of the All-Bilo D2 Coach of the Year for 2011 is...

Adam Dorrel
Adam Dorrel, Northwest Missouri State
Nobody could wish the circumstances in which Dorrel took over this football team with this fall on anyone. When legendary head coach Mel Tjeerdsam retired from the job after amazing successes last season, the job was handed to former Defensive Coordinator Scott Bostwick. Before Bostwick could ever coach a game, he suddenly passed away, leaving a void at the head job, and a team in absolute mourning. Dorrel, the highly succesful former Offensive Coordinator, stepped up and into the job, and while having to figure out how to console his team, figured out a way to win after a slow start had everyone concerned. By the end of the season, the Bearcats had once again cracked the postseason, and made a daring and deep run into the playoffs before falling in the Super Region 4 final to Pittsburg State. Nobody could have expected a Bearcat run behind what this team was facing after such a turbulent off-season, but Dorrel's leadership got them through, and it was like old times again.
Congratulations to Coach Dorrel, and to the Bearcat program!

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