Monday, December 12, 2011 All-Bilo D2 Punter of the Year 2011

We continue with our positional player of the year awards for Division 2, as we wrap up with our special teams players for 2011. At this time we are proud to announce our All-Bilo D2 Punter of the Year for the 2011 season in Division 2 Football. The winner of this year's award is...

Taylor Accardi, Colorado Mines
Nobody in D2 college football was even close to Accardi in punting ability in 2011, as he led the nation with an amazing 48.55 yards per punt on the season. Accardi punted 51 times over 9 games this season, which was good for 5.67 punts per game on the year. Accardi was by far the top ranked punter in D2 football on the season, and more than deserves this award.
Congratulations to Taylor and to the Colorado Mines program!

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