Monday, December 12, 2011 All-Bilo D2 Punt Returner of the Year 2011

The next award given out for our All-Bilo Series is for Division 2 Punt Return Man of the Year. There were many solid candidates for this award in 2011, but we only choose one. The winner of the award for 2011 is...

Janoris Jenkins, North Alabama
Jenkins finished second in the nation in return average for the season with 21.67 yards per return, but what really put him over the top was that he returned three punts for TDs on the season. Jenkins, an explosive transfer from Florida, was a key piece in yet another Lion playoff run in 2011. Janoris collected 390 yards on the season on just 18 returns in 12 games, averaging 1.5 returns per game on the season.
Congratulations to Janoris, and to the North Alabama program!

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