Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Powerratedsports.com All-Bilo D2 TE of the Year 2011

Our D2 TE of the Year Award is upon us, and like the WR award, it is based on the highest average score based on six statistical categories for receivers. Here are our ten finalists for the All-Bilo 2011 D2 TE of the Year:

Tore Hurst, Washburn
Brian Leonhardt, Bemidji State
Bryce Davis, Central Oklahoma
Ryan Shelley, Southeastern Oklahoma
David Pawelek, Colorado Mines
Eric Watts, Brevard
Joe Don Duncan, Dixie State
Jaryd Brown, Findlay
David Cannon, Central Missouri
Nick Stutts, Lenoir-Rhyne

And the winner of our Powerratedsports.com All-Bilo D2 TE of the Year Award is...Joe Don Duncan, Dixie State!

Joe Don caught 64 passes for 949 yards and 9 TDs in 2011. He averaged 6.4 receptions per game, while averaging 14.83 catches per game for 94.9 yards per contest. Joe Don was the only TE in the country to score over 3000 points in this years group of finalists.
Congratulations to Joe Don for a fantastic season!

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