Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Powerratedsports.com All-Bilo D2 WR of the Year

It is the time of year where we happily crunch all manner of statistical performances from the season that was and name our players of the year at every skill position. We start this season with the top performers of Division 2 College Football, as theirs was the first regular season to come to completion. Our WR of the Year was the player who scored the highest average based on six statistical categories from the WR position. We released a list of overall finalists last week, which we have carved down to the final ten. They are as follows:

Trey McVay, Northeastern State
Trevor Kennedy, Mercyhurst
Isaiah Voegeli, Merrimack
Jon Meadows, West Virginia Wesleyan
Mar'Quone Edmonds, Indianapolis
Troy Burrell, Wayne State (MI)
Thomas Mayo, California (PA)
Jamar Howard, Central Missouri
Ryan Forney, Indianapolis
Charles Gilbert, Concordia-St. Paul
Landon Zerkel, Missouri Southern

Without further delay, it is our pleasure to announce the winner of our Powerratedsports.com All-Bilo D2 WR of the Year. As only one of two players who scored above 5000 points, we are pleased to announce that our winner is...Trey McVay, Northeastern State

Trey completed a stellar season in which he caught 79 passes for 1473 yards and 15 scores. He averaged 7.18 catches per game, while averaging 18.65 yards per catch. He was good for 133.91 yards per game on the season. Congratulations to Trey for an amazing season!

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