Friday, November 18, 2011 All-Bilo D2 QB of the Year Award

It is with great pleasure that we name our first award winner of the 2011 college football season! With the regular season completed, I am pleased to announce first of all, the ten QBs considered for our D2 All-Bilo QB of the Year Award. The original list of finalists contained 24 finalists, and was whittled down to just ten last night. They are as follows:

Clay Garcia, Colorado Mines
Tommy Corwin, Central Missouri
Dane Simoneau, Washburn
Mitch Gale, Abilene Christian
Cody Haffly, Wingate
Chris Mills, Indianapolis
Luke Charles, North Carolina-Pembroke
Dustin Vaughn, West Texas A&M
Peter Lalich, California (PA)
Adam Neugebauer, West Virginia Wesleyan

It is my great pleasure to announce that the winner of the 2011 All Bilo D2 QB of the Year Award winner is...

Adam Neugebauer, West Virginia Wesleyan

For a full report on Adam, please visit! Congratulations to Adam, and to West Virginia Wesleyan!

Coming up, our D2 All-Bilo RB of the Year winner!


  1. Johnny Deaton a finalist from Northeastern State is someone to wathch for next year....He rewrote the record book at NSU and didn't start untill game 4 and has played with an injury to his throwing hand that will require surgery since that he hurt in game 5. He will play in the Mineral Water Bowl on Dec. 3rd and then have surgery after the game.

  2. Dustin Vaughn is the most over rated QB on this list! 24 TDs and about 20 of them were completly the receivers/running backs doing. That's why he only had 4 ints offense was simplified and ran screens and sort routes all season. Against good defenses (ACU, Midwestern) he was around 50% completion. Only 60% completion on the entire season.