Sunday, October 30, 2011

New FBS and FCS Rankings Released

Our new PRS Rankings are posted and available for viewing at! Here is a look at the top ten from both the FBS and FCS rankings. D2 Rankings will post tomorrow night!

FBS Top 10
1. Stanford
2. Oklahoma State
3. Alabama
4. Houston
5. Boise State
6. LSU
7. Oklahoma
8. Virginia Tech
9. Clemson
10. Michigan

Stanford moves into the top spot by virtue of their triple OT win over USC, while Oklahoma State crushed Baylor to leap into the second spot. Alabama was idle, and therefore gained no points this week (as you know, if you do not play, you do not obtain points that week). Houston continues to hang around, while Boise dropped due to their idle status as well, as did LSU. Oklahoma is still on the radar, while Virginia Tech cracks the top ten. Clemson dropped out of the title hunt, while Michigan continues to hover at the edge of the top ten.

FCS Top 10
1. Sam Houston State
2. North Dakota State
3. Montana State
4. Maine
5. Lehigh
6. Montana
7. Jackson State
8. Georgia Southern
9. Old Dominion
10. Duquesne

SHSU and NDSU swapped spots despite both winning. Only 75 points separate the two, and they are battling it out to the final week. Montana State has been a meteor in recent weeks and are playing their most dominating ball at the right time. Maine is in control in the Colonial, while Lehigh is closing in on another Patriot League title. Montana couls slide this week as they take on a lower classification opponent this week (bad time to do that). Jackson State appears to be the team to beat in the SWAC, while Georgia Southern fell due to a setback at the hands of Appalachian State. Old Dominion cracks the top 10 after knocking off James Madison at home, while Duquesne has won three straight since falling to Albany.

For complete rankings, click on the link above in this story, and visit Power Rated Sports soon! Thanks for Reading!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

New FBS and FCS PRS Rankings Released!

For the FBS and , FCS Top 35, please head to the following link:

FBS Top 10
1. Alabama, 2. Stanford, 3. Boise State, 4. Oklahoma State, 5. LSU, 6. Clemson, 7. Houston,           8. Kansas State, 9. Oklahoma, 10. Michigan

FCS Top 10
1. North Dakota State, 2. Sam Houston State, 3. Georgia Southern, 4. Montana State,
5. Northern Iowa, 6. Towson, 7. Alabama State, 8. Maine, 9. Lehigh, 10. Montana

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Finish For the Ages In East Lansing, Michigan State 37, Wisconsin 31

Keith Nichol went to Michigan State to play QB. He ended up moving to WR, and tonight, he was the hero of the night, catching a deflected hail mary known in Michigan State's playbook as "Rocket". Wisconsin defenders tried everything that they had to pull Nichol away from the endzone, but it was purely the will of Nichol, who had transferred to MSU from Oklahoma, to move that ball past the plane, and into the endzone.
The play went to replay, as there was no time left. Spartan Stadium went silent. Tension flowed through the crowd as everyone waited with baited breath to see if the Spartans would be given the gift of gifts in the form of an overturned decision. The refs had spotted the ball just short of the goal line. It seemed the the spirits of all Spartans past convened at that very moment to sway the booth officials, as they had seen on a zoom view that maybe a quarter of the nose of the ball had actually penetrated the line. The call was reversed, and Michigan State had won the game, 37-31. That single call also ruined any realistic chances that Wisconsin had at eventually playing for a national championship.
The gravity of that call was shown on so many faces on this night. It was shown in the jubilance of Mark Dantonio as we prayed that the emotion of the moment would not lead to a repeat of the heart attack he had suffered during a similarly emotional last second win against Notre Dame last fall. The exuberance showed on the face of Nichol, who seemingly had players draped over his back as he ran all over the field in pure joy. It showed in the face of Kirk Cousins, the embattled Spartan QB whom nobody ever seems to fully appreciate, and is always under the national radar.
The brevity of the moment also showed on the face of Wisconsin Head Coach Bret Bielema. His face was frozen in disappointment, the absolute shock that this magical season had just lost its luster. There would be no championship run for the Badgers, and no shot at winning the title for Russell Wilson, who had put all of the eggs of his one season of eligibility in the Badger Basket. It would show on the face of Wilson himself, as he hurriedly left the field to do God knows what, but certainly to shield himself from the self imposed probable shame of defeat.
It showed during the play on the faces of Wisconsin Cheerleaders who practically leaned into the field themselves to push Nichol away from the endzone that spelled probable doom for the Badgers. It probably showed in the face of Offensive Coordinator Dan Roushar, who's face we never got to see. You had to know that Roushar was teleporting his will across the stadium to just push his guy through. The amazing thing is that all of this happened in just a span of four miracle seconds.
The moral of the story is one simple statement. Everything, it seems, just might happen for some bizarre reason. Either that, or it could be that the world works at complete random, but whatever you may believe, tonight, Keith Nichol was meant not to be a QB, as he had transferred to Michigan State to be, but rather, he was supposed to be a receiver. Tonight, it was his destiny to catch the rocket, his destiny to be in the right place at the right time, so that magic could happen in East Lansing. Even if you were not a Michigan State fan (well, maybe this won't apply for Badger fans), this is what you wait for all season as a college football fan. We were meant to have witnessed this play, and Keith Nichol was meant to be there to give all of us that moment in time that creates instant classics in this great sport.
Keith Nichol went to Michigan State to play QB. Tonight, he was a WR, and a hero.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's Over Neuheisel...It's Just Fucking Over

Usually, when a coach gets fired, their team struggles, but competes for the rest of the season. Not Arizona, not tonight, as Arizona leads UCLA at the end of the 3rd quarter by a score of 45-7. All of this is transpiring less than a week after Arizona fired Mike Stoops after getting off to a 1-5 start to their season.
For that very reason, it has become fairly apparent to me (I've known it all season, actually) that Rick Neuheisel is obviously not the guy that should be running the UCLA program.
We are half way through his 5th season as head coach at UCLA, and he is about to fall 8 games under .500 for his career, which has a high point of winning the Eagle Bank Bowl, in which they actually had to rally to beat Temple.
The reality is, that despite getting rave reviews for his recruiting class, it appears that those classes were overrated. He coaches in a hot bed of high school talent, yet he cannot seem to keep the best talent at home. He recruits Southern California, probably one of the top 5 high school talent areas in the country, only against USC, which has been under sanctions. That being said, he still can't keep the talent at home.
Watching this team, it appears that his kids have tuned him out. Nobody believes anymore. During a blowout loss to Texas, the boosters and money bags in the press box stopped talking about the game and started talking about potential replacements for Neuheisel. They no longer believe that UCLA's golden boy, Slick Rick, can get it done. The Alumni and boosters are so done with Neuheisel, that they sent a contingent to speak with Mike Leach in Los Angeles two weeks ago to gauge his interest for the job. Apparently, he is quite interested indeed.
He brought in Norm Chow. Chow was already done. It was a bad hire that Neuheisel thought would push him past USC. It didn't work. Chow was eventually moved out of the job.
He tried to retain DeWayne Walker as DC. Walker left after one season for the New Mexico State head job, and UCLA has still not found a steady replacement, and hired a UFL guy in Joe Tresey this season, which has been, in short, a fucking disaster.
Neuheisel ditched the West Coast Offense for the Pistol. It's been more like a cap gun, with absolutely no punch whatsoever.
He has had 4 years to develop a QB. He is a former QB, and had brought in Chow, a supposed QB guru, and has still never found a QB worth a luke warm bucket of piss.
When Bob Toledo and Karl Dorrell were both fired, more than wins and losses, it ended up being empty seats that were their undoing. UCLA failed to sell out the Texas game (fucking Texas, people), and the San Jose State game sold about as many tickets as a high school game, making the Rose Bowl look like an empty cavern. By the way, they barely defeated San Jose State.
How much more does Dan Guerrero need to see before pulling the trigger? How much more do we need to see of Neuheisel or Guerrero himself? In my opinion, they should both go out the door with a swift kick in the ass. UCLA needs an AD that understands running a football program, as Guerrero was hired from UC Irvine, a non-football school. The athletic department has slipped significantly under his watch, and this was his second terrible coaching hire, as his first hire, Karl Dorrell, was an abject disaster on the job.
The Move needs to be made, and not at the end of the season, but it needs to be made now. It matters not who comes in on an interim basis. If it were me, I would hire Leach now, and let him ride out the season. It may save part of the season, and it would surely put asses back in the seats for the remainder of the home schedule. Imagine if Leach came on board and could somehow muster a run with maybe a shocking win over USC? You cannot expect that from Neuheisel, because he has already lost most of us.
In closing, I have followed and supported UCLA for over 30 years. I have never been as depressed about this program as I am right now, because you always had hope that they would turn the corner before. Unless something is done immediately, I no longer have that hope. They just fall farther and farther behind, until they are where they are now, one of the most irrelevant teams in America. They are based in Los Angeles, and they are an embarrassment to the city, and that's on Neuheisel.
Just admit it's over. It's just fucking over.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Material

I would like to apologize to our fans who have been coming to this site for the past year. We have added lots of material to our new site, and are also working on some new material for this blog as well. Please follow the link to the new site, and continue to follow this blog, as we will be adding a ton of new material throughout the upcoming weekend!
As always, thanks for reading!

Scott Bilo

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Coming Up This Week

We are back to full speed starting tomorrow, Monday, October 10th. Tomorrow will bring our new PRS rankings for FBS, FCS, and D2 football. Following that up will be our weekly Pass/Fail Reports. We will also be posting more game reports from all over the Saturday college football slate. Tuesday brings a brand new Seven Points, along with a brand new updated Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool, Coaches on the Hot Seat, and much more as we are hitting our mid-season point. On Wednesday, we will be making our Game of the Week selections, and will be posting our new picks for all of the games for next week.
Please join us as we hit the ground running tomorrow morning, and thanks to those of you who have been bearing with us during our recent technical issues.
Get ready for a huge week 7 at and at the Bilo College Football Report!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bilo's Bets for Week 6

I have just returned from the Las Vegas Strip, and here are the bets that I have placed at the Flamingo Sports Book. All bets are for saturday's games. For those who do not know, I live in Las Vegas, and will report on what angles are being taken by different sports books from week to week.

Card 1 (Ties Win)
Clemson -21
Arizona -2
TCU -4
Ohio -8
Washington State +3.5

Card 2 (Teaser Card)
Army -1.5
Georgia Tech -13.5
Nebraska -11.5
Ohio -8.5
Arizona -1.5

TCU Moves to Big 12

In a late move, the TCU Horned Frogs have been offered a spot in the Big 12 as of this morning. Read more at as we break down the latest move in conference reallignment!

QB of the Year Candidates

Based on stat compilations for the first month of the season, using seven different stats, the following players are the leaders for QB of the Year. These standings are expected to change throughout the remainder of the season. This is a points based system much like our PRS Rankings at Power Rated Sports, and players are rated from lowest number to highest.

1. Case Keenum, Houston 5.29
2. Matt Barkley, USC 10.71
3. Nick Foles, Arizona 10.86
4. Robert Griffin III, Baylor 11.71
5. Brandon Weedon, Oklahoma State 11.86
6. Landry Jones, Oklahoma 12.29
7. Seth Doege, Texas Tech 12.71
8. Tyler Bray, Tennessee 14.29
9. Russell Wilson, Wisconsin 15.43
10. Alex Carder, Western Michigan 18.00

Next Ten

Kellen Moore, Boise State; Geno Smith, West Virginia; Tyler Wilson, Arkansas; Marshall Lobbestael, Washington State; Bryant Moniz, Hawaii; Tahj Boyd, Clemson; Keith Price, Washington; Bryn Renner, North Carolina; Matt Schilz, Bowling Green; Andrew Luck, Stanford

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Week 6 Picks

We are back from our technical issues, so what better way to come back than to set it off withour week 6 picks!

FBS Picks

Middle Tennessee over Western Kentucky
Oregon over California

Boise State over Fresno State

Mississippi State over UAB
Purdue over Minnesota
Georgia Tech over Maryland
North Carolina over Louisville
West Virginia over UConn
Oklahoma over Texas
South Carolina over Kentucky
Florida State over Wake Forest
Rice over Memphis
Army over Miami (Ohio)
FIU Over Akron
Temple over Ball State
Western Michigan over Bowling Green
Illinois over Indiana
Clemson over Boston College
Toledo over Eastern Michigan
Ohio over Buffalo
Northern Illinois over Kent State
Arizona over Oregon State
Iowa over Penn State
NC State over Central Michigan
Pittsburgh over Rutgers
Virginia Tech over Miami
Kansas State over Missouri
Oklahoma State over Kansas
Notre Dame over Air Force
Navy over Southern Miss
Arizona State over Utah
LSU over Florida
Louisiana Tech over Idaho
UCF over Marshall
Troy over UL-Lafayette
Michigan over Northwestern
Arkansas State over UL-Monroe
Tennessee over Georgia
Alabama over Vanderbilt
Arkansas over Auburn
Baylor over Iowa State
Houston over East Carolina
Texas A&M over Texas Tech
Nevada over UNLV
North Texas over FAU
Stanford over Colorado
Utah State over Wyoming
Nebraska over Ohio State
Syracuse over Tulane
BYU over San Jose State
Washington State over UCLA
TCU over San Diego State


Yale over Dartmouth
New Hampshire over Villanova
Butler over Campbell
Harvard over Cornell
Brown over Holy Cross
Sacred Heart over Columbia
Wofford over Citadel
Norfolk State over Delaware State
Morgan State over Savannah State
Drake over Morehead State
Lehigh over Bucknell
Jacksonville over Dayton
Old Dominion over Rhode Island
Davidson over Marist
Monmouth over Colgate
Georgetown over Wagner
Hampton over Princeton
Furman over Samford
Bethune-Cookman over North Carolina A&T
South Carolina State over NC Central
Alabama State over Texas Southern
San Diego over Valporaiso
Alabama A&M over Mississippi Valley State
Murray State over Gerogia State
North Dakota over Montana Western
Eastern Kentucky over Eastern Illinois
Elon over Western Carolina
Central Arkansas over Nicholls State
Sam Houston State over Stephen F. Austin
Florida A&M over Howard
UT-Martin over Austin Peay
North Dakota State over Southern Illinois
Illinois State over Missouri State
Georgia Southern over Chattanooga
James Madison over Maine
Sacramento State over Northern Colorado
Liberty over Gardner-Webb
Youngstown State over South Dakota State
Montana State over Portland State
Jackson State over Arkansas-Pine Bluff
South Dakota over Southern Utah
Northern Iowa over Indiana State
South Alabama over UT-San Antonio
Delaware over William & Mary
Penn over Fordham
UMass over Central Connecticut State
Stony Brook over Presbyterian
Montana over Idaho State
Northern Arizona over Eastern Washington
Prairie View over Southern
SE Missouri State over Tennessee State
Coastal Carolina over VMI
Northwestern State over Lamar
Robert Morris over St. Francis
Cal Poly over Central Oklahoma
Richmond over Towson
Texas State over McNneese State
UC-Davis over Humboldt State

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Back In Service

I apologize for our lack of updates over the last week or so. Our computer system that we use to run Power Rated Sports and the Bilo College Football Report failed on us last week, and we were unable to produce any updates to either site.
Our issues have been fixed, and we will be back in full swing over the course of the next week. Please bear with our technical difficulties, as we strive to give you our best coverage of college football in the coming days.
Thanks for reading!

Scott Bilo