Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week One Pass/Fail Report Pac-12


Arizona State…Played a team that they should crush, and they did. That’s a pass. Now play someone so we can see if you are really any good!
Stanford…Playing San Jose State is like getting to scrimmage against a quilting club. Stanford made it look that easy.
Washington State…It’s bittersweet, as the Cougars lose QB Jeff Tuel to a fractured clavicle. That could be really bad news long term for WSU. The Cougars got a rare chance to cruise.
California…The Bears scored 19 in the first, and they had an easier time of Fresno State than anyone would have thought.
Arizona…Nick Foles lit it up for the Wildcats, and they may have moved into position as the most dangerous team in the South.


Utah…They got the win over Montana State, but they looked shaky getting it. Not the kind of light it up performance for the Utes that you would have expected on their first night as a member of the Pac-12.
USC…Great performances by Barkley and Woods aside, the Trojans almost gave away a 19-3 halftime lead. They never scored after the half. That is concerning.
UCLA…Shockingly, UCLA could not get all of the elements on the same page…again. The defense and the special teams ruined what could have been a great story for QB Richard Brehaut. Same shit, different day for the Ruins.
Oregon State…The Beavers should never lose to Sacramento State, and I am not saying anything bad about the Hornets, who happen to be a good football team in a strong league. The Beavers are supposed to be better than this. Obviously, they are not.
Washington…I had concerns about the Huskies coming into this game, and they damn near made my concerns a reality against Eastern Washington. Huskies needed a late turnover to seal the deal. What happened to this program?
Oregon…what happens when you punch a Duck in his bill? He flops over like a dead fish. The Ducks never got to run their finesse offense, and they lost themselves when LSU got in their grills.
Colorado…The Buffaloes cemented their place in the Pac-12 lower levels, but I am not sure that they are worse than UCLA in the South. They let Bryant Moniz put on a show.

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