Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week One Pass/Fail Report MAC


Temple…The Owls came out swinging in the Mayor’s Cup game, as they rode Bernard Pierce to the win. Temple had to come out strong to prove that nothing would change under Stave Addazio. They did exactly that.
Toledo…The Rockets dominated UNH in tuning up for the showdown with Ohio State. Austin Dantin and Terrence Owens combined to pass for 5 TDs.
Bowling Green…Matt Schliz looks like he could be about to break out. Idaho was not the toughest opponent they could have faced, but it was a solid win, and it means moving in the right direction.
Ball State…The Cardinals moved in a really good direction in Indianapolis, and pulled off a huge win over Indiana. Big win, and Pete Lembo may do some really nice things in Muncie.
Northern Illinois…The Huskies threw down the gauntlet to the rest of the MA, and they dominated Army from start to finish. The Huskies are one of the strongest teams in the conference, and are a top 25 team in my book.
Ohio…The Bobcats had a very impressive road win, but they will be damned for the opponent. It doesn’t matter who you play, but you had better dominate when you are supposed to. Ohio did that.
Eastern Michigan…Ok, they only beat Howard. When you are EMU, you need wins against anyone you can get them over. This was a good job.


Central Michigan…The Chippewas failed to take an opportunity to make a major smash, as they struggled against the Bulldogs at home. SC State is a solid FCS program, but CMU should have made a huge push this week, and failed.
Akron…The Zips are an absolute disaster. Akron almost does not belong in the FBS ranks. They had about as bad a game as they could have against Ohio State, and that’s saying a lot.
Miami (Ohio)…The Redhawks had a shot at pulling an upset, but they just came out flat on offense. Too many mistakes, but the defense took their shots at an inexperienced offense.
Kent State…Did you ever really think that they could have upset Alabama? Absolutely no chance there, but the only thing that they did well was that they held Richardson to 37 yards rushing, despite allowing him to score three times.
Western Michigan…The Broncos got beat up by the Wolverines, and after some early success, the Broncos got shut down. Michigan adjusted, Western never did.
Buffalo…The Bulls didn’t get blown out of the building, but the certainly didn’t challenge the Panthers much.

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