Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week One Pass/Fail Report Conference USA


Tulane…Nearly got upset by the lions last season. Nearly did this season as well, as the Lions hung around in the 1st half. This time, Tulane pulled away enough to be able to breathe.
Houston…Case Keenum had his way for most of the day. The Cougars look to be back on track, but the defense was a mess. They also nearly lost focus in letting UCLA back into the game.
UCF…I can get 11 2nd graders together from area schools and handle Charleston Southern, but UCF handled them fine on their own. Moratorium on Charleston Southern playing FBS schools should be put into affect any day now.


Memphis…Could Memphis possibly be worse than they were a season ago? My guess would be yes.
East Carolina…The Gamecocks spotted you a 17-0 lead? What the fuck? How does a team fall apart so quickly? Ask the Pirates, as they did a masterful job in the art of the cluster fuck. Complete collapse.
Rice…Like the Owls had any chance this week. Same old Rice, different day.
Tulsa…The Hurricanes just wish that they could move to Kansas, just so they don’t have to feel obligated to be the Sooners’ bitch once a year.
UTEP…Had to go to OT just to beat Stony Brook? How is the water in the dead pool for Mike Price?
Southern Mississippi…Still trying to figure out why the Eagles got rid of Jeff Bower for Larry Fedora. I still don’t understand. A struggle against Louisiana Tech is what you get? Wow.
Marshall…Was that Doc Holliday running around actually trying to get struck by lightning? Marshall was just outclassed.
SMU…If that was the Mustang audition to join the Big 12, I would say it was a failure befitting the American Idol audition rounds. What a mess. No worries, as there may not be a Big 12 left to join.

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