Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week One Pass/Fail Report Big East


Rutgers…The Knights needed to kick some ass, and they did, but it was against a lower level FCS cupcake. Can someone force Rutgers into scheduling some challenging games early?
Syracuse…The Orangemen did not lie down and die for Wake Forest. They rallied when down big, and came out with a solid win. Schedule eases up with Rhode Island this week.
Connecticut…The Huskies coasted against a team they should have coasted against. Big deal. Good enough for a pass, but the schedule is a joke.
South Florida…The Bulls went into South Bend and popped the Irish right in the mouth. Huge win for Skip Holtz on the road, but can USF sustain this energy all season?
Pittsburgh…The Panthers only get credit for the second half after sleeping their way through the first. The Panther let Buffalo hang around for much too long before kicking into gear.
Cincinnati…Sure, UC scored 72 points, but it came against one of the worst teams in FCS football. There should be a ban on Austin Peay ever playing an FBS opponent ever again.
West Virginia…Lightning was a blessing for Marshall, because I am sure that the Mountaineers would have scored more if the game had been allowed to continue.


Louisville…Sure they won the game, but it was a horrible second half, as Louisville never scored again after the break.

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