Saturday, September 3, 2011

Observations from Saturday's Games Thus Far

We have gotten through most of our day today, so here are my takes and observations on what we have seen so far. Our first annual Pass/Fail Report will be released on Monday!

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Northwestern 24, Boston College 17
The Wildcats proved today that Dan Persa's absence did not crush them on the road, but they will certainly need him as the weeks progress. Kain Colter looked decent in moving the offense for Northwestern.

Auburn 42, Utah State 28
Be afraid Auburn fans. This near disaster at the hands of Utah State showed what could come when you match up with Mississippi State next week. You have got some problems!

Ohio State 42, Akron 0
It took what seemed like forever for OSU to warm up and get going. And that was against the worst team in the MAC in Akron. Makes you wonder if Toledo has a chance next week.

Missouri 17, Miami (Ohio) 6
The Tigers have some issues, but I thought that Zac Dysert and company had more to bring to the offensive side of this game for Miami. One thing is for sure, as the 20 point spread was a joke.

Penn State 41, Indiana State 7
Coaching from the press box is not coaching. Joe Paterno sat upstairs with a headset, looking even more the figurehead everytime we see him.

Purdue 27, Middle Tennessee 24
The Boilers were the second straight Big 10 team to snag a late victory from the Blue Raiders, as Minnesota rallied to beat the Raiders in 2010. MTSU has to find a way to win these games.

Iowa 34, Tennessee Tech 7
There was once a time that the Hawkeyes would have beaten a team like this by about 50. These are not those days. Iowa had a big first half, and then went to sleep in the second. I am sure the fans loved that...

UConn 35, Fordham 3
At one point, the Huskies had only committed one penatly. Of course, they were playing FREAKING FORDHAM!!!! I mean, really? Their fans were really busy patting themselves on the back for this win today. Don't hurt yourselves's a long season.

Alabama 48, Kent State 7
It kind of flet like Bama was sleepwalking their way through this game. They pulled awayearly, but there was never a challenge. At least they weren't playing FREAKING FORDHAM!!!

Virginia Tech 66, Appalachian State 13
The Hokies were NOT going to be an upset victim this season. They got out big early and made this into a laugher, and then kept on beating the Mountaineers down. That's what you are supposed to do in games like this.

Tulane 47, SE Louisiana 33
Early in the game, there were flashes of last season, when the Lions nearly upset the Green Wave. Then, Tulane found some gas in the tank and pulled away. Good thing too, as a loss would have cemented the end of Bob Toledo.

Air Force 37, South Dakota 20
Wow...17 point win over a lower tier FCS program. Huh. Did you see what the Hokies did to an FCS powerhouse? Yeah, check it and get back to me.

USC 19, Minnesota 17
If you are a USC fan, you should be concerned after this very lackluster performance. If you are a Gopher fan, you should be happy that your team didn't crawl into the fetal and die after USC opened up a 19-3 lead. Jerry Kill is already having an effect.

Illinois 33, Arkansas State 15
The Red Wolves really were not in this game. They made the Illini fight for it, but they had no shot. Illinois could have been an upset victim today, but they did well to take care of business.

Michigan 34, Western Michigan 10
If the game had not been shortened by lightning, the score would have been worse. Denard Robinson lined up in shotgun more than people thought that he would, but as I have said, Al Borges knows what's best.

Houston 38, UCLA 34
I promise that I will not pick the Bruins to win anymore as long as Neuheisel is coaching, and as a Bruin fan, I will not wear any of my hats or jersys this season either. I am fucking sick of Rick Neuheisel. Fucking sick of him. UCLA should not lose to Houston.

Florida State 34, UL-Monroe 0
The Seminoles just sort of coasted through today, and we expected more. This is the team that is supposed to try to beat Oklahoma in two weeks? Think again.

Nebraska 40, Chattanooga 7
The score looks more impressive than the play on the field. Nebraska had issues, and stumbled their way through. Inconsistencies plagued them last season as well.

Navy 40, Delaware 17
Andrew Pierce got his 100 yards for Delaware, but Kris Proctor dominated by rushing for 176 yards and 3 TDs for the Middies. Solid start against an FCS power. UConn wouldn't dare schedule them Delaware. Too busy playing FREAKING FORDHAM!!!

North Carolina 42, James Madison 10
No repeat magic for the Dukes in the opener this season. Thank God I wasn't expecting anything.

Clemson 43, Troy 19
Troy put an early scare into the Tigers, but then they woke up and realized that "hey, we're Clemson". Tigers pulled away in the second half.

Sacramento State 29, Oregon State 28 (OT)
Big Sky gets a huge win, and the Pac-12 is thinking about booting Oregon State and replacing them with Sacramento State. The Beavers are in bigger trouble than we thought.

BYU 14, Ole Miss 13
Not what we were expecting from BYU's big opening, but they certainly traveled enmasse to Oxford for the game. Jake Heaps looked rushed and unbalanced at times, so BYU has some work to do.

Stanford 57, San Jose State 3
How does Andrew Luck start his Heisman campaign? He rushes for the first Stanford TD of the season, and the Cardinal Cruised from there. Luck was respectable, but not awesome. Still was good for 3 scores.

Washington State 64, Idaho State 21
Cougar fans were lighting up Twitter with chatter as the Cougars scored at will. They aren't used to that. It gets tougher next week against UNLV, but not too much tougher.

There are 33 games still in progress in the FBS level. MOre to come as we close these games out, and more an FCS football later tonight.

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