Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jamies Winston Gives Verbal to Florida State

It looks like the wishes of his Mom and Grandmother were not followed, as Jamies Winston has given his verbal to Florida State. It seemed in recent days that the baseball situation was going to come into play, and that very well could have been a deciding factor in his decision making. At the end of the day, FSU may not get him either, if MLB comes calling with a fat paycheck in next June's draft, as Winston has already stated that he will not say no to the money. If that happens, then all of this was much aso about nothing, and nobody gets the prize. One still has to wonder how Nick Saban, a recruiting machine, cannot seem to land a top tier QB for his 2012 class. It could be that the top tier QBs don't like the thought of the run first Alabama mentality, as it's just not good for a long term career for a top tier QB. Now, Saban must find another target to go after, and hope beyond hope, that he lands someone of some caliber to take the job, as nobody seems to be jumping up and down over the current state of the position.

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  1. Bama will get him when all is said and done