Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Football Season is Upon Us!

Greetings to all of our readers! I hope that you are ready, because in just over 36 hours, we will have FBS and FCS college football hitting the field across America! We are excited as I am sure all of you are as well. If you have not visited our new site yet, please check us out at powerratedsports.com and also follow us on Twitter at @BiloFootball and on Facebook at Power Rated Sports and also at Bilo College Football Report.
Starting Thursday, the blog fires back up again with up to the minute posts throughout the evening, as we will be giving live updates throughout the night with finals and observations. Please also join us as we will be joining "Tha Sports Krib" radio show on blogtalk radio. Follow this link to hear the show!

We have lots of new material posted up at http://www.powerratedsports.com/ and are posting new material daily! Please visit to check out the latest editions of Ask the Professors, check out our picks for week one of the college football season, check out all of our FBS, FCS, and D2 conference previews, our first editions of Coaches on the Hot Seat and Coaches in the Dead Pool! We have updates from the opening five games of the D2 season from last weekend, and we also be launching our new PRS rankings on Monday and Tuesday of next week. All rankings for D2 and FCS football will release next Monday, while FBS rankings will release on Tuesday due to the Miami/Maryland game being played on Monday night.

So here are my picks for the best games for this weekend:
Oregon vs. LSU
Boise State vs. Georgia
Clemson vs. Troy
William & Mary at Virginia (for potential upset)
USF at Notre Dame
TCU at Baylor
Miami (Ohio) at Missouri
SMU at Texas A&M
East Carolina vs. South Carolina
Villanova at Temple
Eastern Washington at Washington

The slate is not full of great week one matchups, but there intriguing stories here to speak about. Tune into the show on Thursday night and I'll discuss the top games at length. Please feel free to email your questions to me at scott.bilo@powerratedsports.com and we can discuss your emails live!

Thanks for a teriffic first season! Let's get to playing some football!!!

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