Tuesday, August 2, 2011

CFL PRI Week 5

Five weeks are gone in the CFL season, and we are now down to one undefeated club (Edmonton at 5-0), and one winless football team (BC at 0-5). There have been some strange developments, as injuries have now started the Alouettes on a slide, endangering their run to win their third straight Grey Cup. The good news is that the season is still young, as there are still 13 games to play. Let's take a look at the Power Ratings Index for week 5, and see who our players of the week are.

1. Edmonton Eskimos (5-0, 1057 Points)
Last Week: Defeated Toronto 26-25
Points Gained: 172
The Eskimos are now the dominant team in the CFL, as they boast a huge lead in points this week. Edmonton has what is basically the room to lose two games now and not relinquish the top spot. I don't see that happening, but this week was a squeaker at home with the Argos. Grant Shaw set up the Esks to win the game with a bad punt, and then missed a 57 yards FG as time expired, and Fred Stamps led the Esks on a wild comeback to win the game. The Esks trailed 17-1 in this game.
This Week: @ Winnipeg

2. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (4-1, 651 Points)
Last Week: Defeated BC Lions 25-20
Points Gained: 180
The Bombers have now matched their win total from 2010, and are sitting in an unlikely scenario as having a one game lead over Montreal in the East. The Bombers scored 19 points in the second half after traling by 10 at the half to drop BC to 0-5. Palardy nailed 4 FGs to make the difference for the Bombers, and Buck Pierce, while not great, played basically mistake free football. They have a chance to make a statement this week at home.
This Week: Edmonton

3. Montreal Alouettes (3-2, 339 Points)
Last Week: Lost to Hamilton 34-26
Points Lost: -132
The Als are fading, and are in danger of slipping to 4th behind Calgary this week should the Stamps get a win at home. Anthony Calvillo played the whole game, but he was not himself, and barely completed 50% of his passes for only one TD. This is not how the Als get back on track, and they have to fix some issues this week.
This Week: @ Toronto

4. Calgary Stampeders (3-2, 317 Points)
Last Week: Defeated Saskatchewan 22-18
Points Gained: 226
A huge road win for the Stamps this week moves them into position to move ahead of Montreal with a win next week. Calgary is just hanging around, so a major move is needed to get into a spot where they are serious contenders. Henry Burris completed 26/34 passes, but never got a pass into the endzone. He did rush for one score, and did toss a pick. 4 Paredes FGs made the difference this week.
This Week: Hamilton

5. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (3-2, 277 Points)
Last Week: Defeated Montreal 34-26
Points Gained: 192
Don't look now, but Hamilton is hanging around and is looking like a viper in the playpen. Hamilton needs to be taken seriously at this point, and a win at Calgary could really shake things up in the middle of the league. Dave Stala had 2 huge TD receptions in this game, and Kevin Glenn managed the game well overall to move the Cats ahead of the .500 mark. This may be the most dangerous team in the league heading into week 6.
This Week: @ Calgary

6. Toronto Argonauts (1-4, -382 Points)
Last Week: Lost to Edmonton 26-25
Points Lost: -126
Hard to feel badly for the Argos after blowin a 16 point lead in the loss to the Esks. Not a great week, and the QB position is in dire need of help after both Cleo Lemon and Dalton Bell have both failed to solidify anything. Lemon is back starting this week, but that's not exactly great news. This team is reeling now, and a win is needed now, not later. Something has to give.
This Week: Montreal

7. Saskatchewan Roughriders (1-4, -483 Points)
Last Week: Lost to Calgary 22-18
Points Lost: -186
The Riders had a shot at building momentum after beating the Als, but lost that shot at home in a close loss to the Stamps at home. Now it's time to get back what they had two weeks ago. Can it be done? Darien Durant was decent, as he passed for a score and rushed for another, but the Riders are asking him to be a pocket passer, something that he just isn't. Time to take off the leash and let him roam around some.
This Week: @ BC Lions

8. BC Lions (0-5, -759)
Last Week: Lost to Winnipeg 25-20
Points Lost: -135
It's gotten beyond bad in BC, and there is no end in sight. Travis Lulay, while doing the best he can, has been put on an island, and there is no help for him. There is no run game to speak of, and everything has gone tilt defensively. Wally Buono is being attacked by the public, and nothing has gone right. This season is not lost just yet, but it soon will be for the Lions, and that's no joke.
This Week: Saskatchewan

Player of the Week Offense: WR Fred Stamps, Edmonton 8-101-1
Player of the Week Defense: LB JC Sherritt, Edmonton, 6 Tackles, 2 Forced Fumbles
Player of the Week Special Teams: Justin Palardy, Winnipeg, 4/4 FGs

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