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CFL All-Bilo Teams 1st Quarter

I tend to break up the CFL into 4 quarters. The first 3 quarters break the 18 game schedule into 6 game increments, with the 4th quarter being the playoffs. With the first quarter in the books, here is my All-Bilo CFL team for the 1st Quarter of play.

1st Team

QB Ricky Ray, Edmonton

Ray has been stellar this season, passing for 1718 yards and 11 scores, he has been sliding a bit in recent weeks, and now has 4 picks. Had Anthony Calvillo not gotten injured, Ray may have slipped to second team. Edmonton is leading our PRI, and a ton of that has been because of the steady hand of this veteran QB.

RB Brandon Whitaker, Montreal

Whitaker has taken over the lead back role in Montreal with the departure of Alvon Cobourne, and he is making Als fans forget all about their former star. Whitaker is the CFL rushing leader with 493 yards through 6 games. He has also been active in the passing game, and better yet, has proven himself to be a decent pass blocker on blitzes. It seems that the Als knew what they were doing in letting Cobourne go.

RB Fred Reid, Winnipeg

Reid is right behind Whitaker, and is making a name for himself this season, as he leads a resurgence in Winnipeg. Reid has rushed for 470 yards, and is taking off pressure from the developing Buck Pierce. Reid, like Whitaker, now just needs to find a way to score more, as he has only rushed for one score this season.

Receiver Fred Stamps, Edmonton

Stamps has emerged as Ricky Ray's top target, and has a knack for making the acrobatic, huge receptions that have been keeping the Esks at the top of the PRI standings. Stamps has caught 33 passes for 619 yards thus far, and has recorded 5 TDs. He is on track for some truly amazing numbers for the rest of the season if he can stay healthy, which was an issue for him in 2010.

Reciver Geroy Simon, BC Lions

As bad as the Lions have been, you know that you will always get the same effort from this incredibly talented veteran. Despite a 1-5 start, he has helped young QB Travis Lulay by catching 30 passes for 536 yards. Lulay needs to be able to get Simon in position to score more often, as they have only hooked up in the end zone twice all season.

Receiver SJ Green, Montreal

Green is on pace to have his best season in his 6 year career with the Als, as he has posted 526 yards for the first quarter of the season. His previous best for a season was 875 yards last year. Green has scored 3 times, and with Anthony Calvillo healthy again, Green should start to see more TD receptions coming his way. He did score 10 times last season.

Receiver Dave Stala, Hamilton

Stala is not a yardage leader this season in the CFL, but he has grabbed the scoring lead amongst receivers with 6 TDs on the season. If it were not for the ability of Stala to get open in the end zone, the Ti-Cats would not be as good as their current 3-3 mark. A prime factor for the Cats staying in the race.

PK Sean Whyte, Montreal

Whyte is making the most of his new home after being acquired from BC. Whyte is tied for the league lead in FGs made with 15, and has connected on all 21 of his PATs to lead all CFL kickers in scoring. With Calvillo healthy again, look for more scoring opportunities to come his way.

Punter, Damon Duval, Edmonton

Duval is tied for the best average in the CFL at 46.3 yards per punt, but takes the lead on singles with 5 on the season. Duval gives the Eskimo defense room to work in the rare occasion that Ricky Ray and company can't make things work. Very solid season thus far for the former Auburn product.

Kick Returns Chad Owens, Toronto

Owens is one of the few bright spots in Toronto this season, as the Boatmen continue to flail around. Owens has combined for 727 return yards this season. Now, if only he can get involved in the passing game, this could be a truly special season.

Kick Returns Tim Brown, BC Lions

Brown is one of the more entertaining kick return guys in the CFL, and has been a bright spot in an otherwise awful 1st quarter for the BC Lions. Brown leads the CFL in punt return yardage with 282, and is third in total return yards with 651. BC will need to find new and unique ways to get Brown more involved in the total game plan, as he is a very talented athlete.


DE Odell Willis, Winnipeg

Willis leads the league with 8 sacks in 6 games, and his prowess is a key cog in the Bombers rise back to power. Winnipeg has dealt with a struggling offense, and the defense has more than risen to the cause to give the offense time to develop, and Willis is a huge part of that. Having an amazing season so far.

DE Kenny Mainor, Winnipeg

Mainor plays opposite Willis on the Bomber line, and the rookie is making his way in the CFL. Mainor follows Willis with 4 sacks through 6 games, but has emerged as a power rush threat to give the Bombers one of the best fronts in the league. If he keeps pace, he could win our Defensive Rookie of the Year award.

DE John Bowman, Montreal

Bowman has 24 sacks over the last two seasons, and with 4 this season, he is on pace to equal his 12 sack total of last season. Bowman is a threat to get in your face whenever you hang in the pocket too long, and he is excellent in pursuit. He is a force in this league.

LB Solomon Elimimian, BC Lions

Eilimimian is in his second season, and he has already developed a reputation as the kind of LB that you run away from. He leads the league in tackles with 43, and will likely eclipse his total from 2010 before we reach the next quarter break. One of the few bright spots for BC in an otherwise terrible season.

LB Jamal Johnson, Hamilton

Hidden away on the underachieving Ti-Cats is this gem of a LB in Johnson, who is 3rd in the CFL in tackles this season. Johnson has collected 36 tackles on the season, and has put together a very nice run behind the scenes. You will hear his name more often as the season progresses.

LB JC Sherritt, Edmonton

Sherritt, our FCS LB of the Year in 2010, is having a terrific rookie campaign for the Eskimos, and has been a starter since day one. Sherritt is a tackle machine, and he has collected 34 for the Esks in 2011, and has never been outside of the top 5 in tackles since week one. Future superstar in the CFL.

DB Jonathon Hefney, Winnipeg

Heffney leads all CFL DBs in tackles with 37, and will likely have a career best season for the Bombers in his 3rd season. He has also registered a sack and a pick for a fine Bombers defense.

DB Rod Williams, Edmonton

The Former Alcorn State product leads the league with 4 picks on the season for the Eskimos, and the Esks are in fine position under 1st year head man Kavis Reed, who is also a former Eskimo DB. Think that Williams is learning under Reed? I  think that answer is obvious.

DB Brandon Stewart, Winnipeg

Primarily a big play guy, Stewart has 3 picks on the season, and 2 of those came against Ricky Ray, our 1st team QB. Stewart only has 11 tackles, but has recorded a fumble recovery and has 4 ST tackles on the season.

DB Chris Thompson, Edmonton

Thompson makes the first team as he leads the CFL with 4 forced fumbles this season. Thompson only has 12 tackles, but his knack for knocking the ball lose has kept the Eskimos moving in the right direction on defense, and his ability to force the ball out has the offense in position to make big plays off turnovers.

DB Weldon Brown, Edmonton

Brown is second amongst DBs in tackles with 29 on the season, again, helping to keep the Eskimos atop the league as they make a run to disrupt Montreal's string of titles. With Thompson and Williams, he helps give the Esks the best secondary in the CFL in 2011.

Special Teams Mike Miller, Edmonton

Miller leads the league with 11 special teams tackles as a rookie out of Acadia. Miller is looking to gain time in the secondary with his solid special teams play, and he may just find his way into the rotation regularly with his efforts.

Special Teams Corbin Sharun

Need anymore reasons as to why the Eskimos took 6 weeks to lose a game? Sharun is second in the league to teammate Miller in special teams tackles. The Esks are deep at DB, and this gives them plenty of talent in reserve for their special teams unit, which has been more than special on coverage teams.


QB Anthony Calvillo, Montreal
RB Avon Cobourne, Hamilton
RB Jerome Messam, Edmonton
REC Nik Lewis, Calgary
REC Jamel Richardson, Montreal
REC Terence Edwards, Winnipeg
REC Jason Barnes, Edmonton
PK Juston Medlock, Hamilton
P Bradley Dales, Calgary
KR Larry Taylor, Calgary
KR Jovon Johnson, Winnipeg

DL Ricky Foley, Toronto
DL Charleston Hughes, Calgary
DL Doug Brown, Winnipeg
LB Jerrell Freeman, Saskatchewan
LB Sean Lucas, Saskatchewan
LB Damaso Nunez, Edmonton
DB Keon Raymond, Calgary
DB Geoff Tisdale, Calgary
DB Marcell Young, Hamilton
DB James Patrick, Saskatchewan
DB Ian Logan, Winnipeg
ST Jason Arakgi, BC Lions
ST John Cornish, Calgary

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