Thursday, August 18, 2011

As Miami Administrators Bunker Up, the Heat Closes In

Donna Shalala sure looks relaxed in this undated photo. Times must have been good. Her job as University of Miami president was sure a breeze with money rolling in with the Atlantic tide day after day. Nevin Shapiro (see scum sucking vampiric shit bucket) was cutting checks, deals for prostitutes, and writing out liquor lists like there was a Britney Spears/Lindsey Lohan "Together at Last" tour was dropping into town. This sure doesn't look like a woman who was waiting for the other shoe to drop. It certainly doesn't look like a woman who is worried about her football players taking money, hookers, and whatever else from a 5-5 jock sniffer.

Fast forward a bit. Donna looks dismissive, as if saying "hey, it was bound to happen, but these are just kids. Kids are kids, right?". Donna still isn't worried. Hell, she even attended a university president conference just last week to discuss reworking a compliance system that just doesn't work anymore. Geez, Donna knows all about that, doesn't she?

Donna sure loves that "bowling for dollars" check that the lovely Mr. Shapiro (scum sucking shitbag that he is, shown center) cut for Miami. Hell, there is even a player lounge on campus named after him. By the way, Donna, where the fuck is the flood? Your pants are almost shorter than the sea gull's shorts behind you. Oh yeah, and one quick warning...the sea gull is not the one that's about to shit all over you...

Notice the black background behind Donna? It's the walls of the bunker that she seems to be holing up in now as she hides from any personal media contact as the nuclear bomb of all time was dropped on her university yesterday. I hate to break it to her, but the fallout from this bomb is going to permeate her bunker walls and cook her like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Here's the deal. Shalala is not safe from all of the mess written about by Charles Robinson and Dan Wetzel, the sports writing equivalent of Batman and Superman. Nevin Shapiro, closest identity comparison being the Joker, has made a major mess on her carpet, and she sat there like a buffoon and let him do it. She knew that Shapiro was up to dirty tricks, but she just decided if she asked no questions, nobody could tag anything to her. Wrong again.

Shalala, along with many, and I mean many, other administrators should cook for the Nevin Shapiro issues. I have to believe that if you had all of these athletes over eight years, partying like they were, walking around with all of the cash that they had, riding in cars that were not theirs, and hanging out at clubs with strippers, that none of these people knew that this was happening? Bullshit. Not one of these administrators from Shalala, to Kirby Hocutt, to any number of professors on campus, can look you in the eye and tell you that they were unaware that any of this was going on. That is why Shalala, for one, hides behind the veil of a written statement sent out to the media, rather than standing in front of the nation and taking her beating. She simply cannot look at us and lie. She is not capable of doing it with a straight face. For eight years, she, Paul Dee, Kirby Hocutt, and to a huge degree, Randy Shannon, got over on us.

The death penalty, according to Mark Emmert, president of the NCAA, is very much on the table, and may be more real than you may imagine. The NCAA, according to Emmert, is going to smoke those administrators out of their holes (thanks, George Bush!) and is not above making an example of the Hurricanes. There can only be one way that this happens, and by invoking the "willful violator" clause, the door has been opened to commuting an execution of not only the Miami football program, but the entire athletic department. As it turns out, by invoking the clause, the NCAA can go beyond the normal four-year statute of limitations and can go back to the very beginning. Since the Miami baseball program was placed on probation during the 2003-05 seasons, that makes the Hurricanes a repeat offender within the prescribed period of time that basically puts the 'Canes in even hotter water.

My assessment is this. The NCAA needs to drop the death penalty in a way that would make the SMU situation seem like a walk in the park. The magnitude of the wrongdoing here makes any situation that I have ever seen seem like a Saturday morning cartoon. If SMU was killed for two years, Miami needs to be killed for a decade, if it's ever allowed to come back. It also need to honor the deals that were given to head coach Al Golden and Sean Eichorst, its new AD, as it lied like the scum that it is by omission upon hiring the two in April. They were never told about the investigation. They were never told that their world was about to take a shit for something that had nothing to do with them. They should then be allowed to work elsewhere, as should basketball coach Jim Larranaga, who was similarly lied to upon taking the basketball job.

Shalala, and all other administrators who had connections to Shapiro, including former coaches, should be banned from ever working at a university again. They rode this crazy train straight off of the cliff, and even though it became known years earlier that Shapiro was filthy, they did nothing to stop it. They did nothing to stop him, and still took checks from this dirtbag. Turns out that those strippers weren't the only whores involved, were they Donna?

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