Friday, July 29, 2011

SIAC 2011 Preview

Albany State (GA) Golden Rams
2010 Record: 11-1
Stanley Jennings returns at QB for the Rams, after passing for 2392 yards and 26 TDs. They will need to find a RB to step up behind him after losing their top two backs from last season. The loss of Ronnie Childs at WR may be a setback, but Octavius Staton has a chance to step up. Orion Ponder becomes the new second receiver, and has a huge opportunity to turn the corner. The Rams will have an issue on defense, as they lose their top 3 tacklers. Jamarkus Gaskins return to anchor the back four, but the Rams lose a ton pf pressure up front. The defense is in rebuilding mode. Another 11 win season may not be in the offing.
Season Opener: 8/28 Savannah State

Benedict Tigers
2010 Record: 5-6
Michael Adams should step into the QB role this season, but if the Tigers can find a replacement other than him, it may not be the worst thing. Adams did manage to rush for 5 scores and is the best returning rusher. That may also be a problem. The Tigers also lose their top 2 receivers fro 2010. DeQuan Starling is the returning star of the defense after having defended 8 passes last season. Otherwise, the defense is in rebuilding mode.
Season Opener: 9/3 Virginia Union

Clark (Atlanta) Panthers
2010 Record: 4-6
With the loss of RB Winston Thompson, the Panthers are back in rebuilding mode on offense. The passing game struggled often last fall, and there is nothing determining a major improvement. There is also a genuine lack of play makers defensively, so making strides over the 4 win season of last year seems like a pipe dream.
Season Opener: 9/2 @ Georgia State

Fort Valley State Wildcats
2010 Record: 8-3
The Wildcats made strides in the run game last season, and it looks to be a strength once again. Reginlad Goodrum will return at LB to lead the defense after collecting 71 tackles. He was also good for 15 TFLs last fall.DaJuan Williams returns in the secondary after defending 6 passes on the season.
Season Opener: 9/3 @ Florida A&M

Kentucky State Thorobreds
2010 Record: 3-8
QB Jerrell Nolan will try to lead KSU to a comeback this season after passing for 16 TDs last fall. He is a bright spot coming off of an otherwise dreary 2010. Shannon Frieson returns at RB after rushing for 7 scores. Rafael Amey will be asked to step up into the top receiver role, but was highly average last fall. Losing LB Derrick Addai will be tough, but DeAndre Mosely will make the attempt to take over the productivity.Grandson Brown was solid in the secondary with 9 passes defended, and will be back to anchor the secondary.
Season Opener: 9/4 @ Central State

Lane Dragons
2010 Record: 0-10
Tahj Dent was the starting QB as a freshman, and he played like it by tossing twice as many picks as scoring passes. Dent was also the rushing leader, but the Dragons lack another force at the RB position. There is a severe lack of talent in the receiving corps. Milton Meeks collected 56 tackles last fall, and will be depended upon as a junior to run the show on defense. Alonza Moore will be joining him at LB after recording 11 TFLs last fall. Play makers are needed in the secondary.
Season Opener: 9/3 Edward Waters

Miles Bears
2010 Record: 3-8
The Bears try to move on at QB with Antonio Hagler, who will be a junior. Jordan Lewis is back at RB, but was under protective last fall. More is needed. Breante Allen and Christopher Lampley will both be back at receiver with a season together in the books. Improvement is a must. Reginald Virges returns at LB after collecting 81 tackles last fall. He will be a senior this season. Corey Robinson and Alex Horton both return at LB as well to give the Bears some solid experience in the middle. Virges recorded 15.5 TFLs last fall. Michael Johnson becomes the go to guy in the secondary, but losing Justin Hill is a tough one.
Season Opener: 9/4 Morehouse

Morehouse Maroon Tigers
2010 Record: 8-3
Byron Ingram showed some solid traits as a sophomore at QB last fall, and he is on track to be a major force in the conference this season. David Carter is the true star on offense as he rushed for 1347 yards and 10 scores to lead the SIAC last fall. Derrick Hector returns at WR after leading the team in receiving last fall. Brandon Houston returns after collecting 80 tackles, but he loses both of the other starting LBs. Darrius Williams will provide support in the secondary. Houston collected 18.5 TFLs last fall, but will be targeted on blocks due to the loss of Derrin Nettles up front.
Season Opener: 9/4 @ Miles

Stillman Tigers
2010 Record: 3-8
The QB position was a vacuum last fall, and nobody stepped up to lead, and the position is up for grabs again. The run game was just as inept, and the offense was a mess. Look for more of the same. At least WR Ronald Davis has promise. LB Antonio Salter was the only major play maker up front  last fall, and the Tigers need more pressure to help out. Michael Ricks leads the secondary.
Season Opener: 9/3 Shaw

Tuskegee Tigers
2010 Record: 9-2
Just missed the playoffs last fall. Wayne Williams will be taking over at QB. The Tigers start over in the backfield as well, as there is no returning depth at RB. Williams may actually switch to receiver, if another QB can be found, as he played there last fall. Isaiah Person returns at LB after collecting 79 tackles. Kenneth Baker will return as the lead in the secondary.
Season Opener: 9/10 Langston

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