Thursday, July 21, 2011

Power Rated Sports is on target to lauch on August 20th. Lot's of fantastic new features, our Power Rating Index, Ask the Professors, and an all new series, Seven Points, will be moving to the new site when we launch.
Catch a sneak peak of our new "Seven Points" series on Monday right here at the Bilo College Football Report, as we are joined by Andrew Bucholtz, lead CFL writer for Yahoo Canada, and author of the "55 Yard Line" blog, as Andrew gives us his Seven Points on the CFL. Other guests to be announced Monday.
"Ask the Professors" is coming back soon as well, as we have a whole new, and bigger cast joining the panel. The list is absolutely incredible, as we have brought in some big guns as part of the group this season. Join me on Monday, as I unleash the list of names.

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  1. can't wait for the launch, hopefully it goes smoothly, go gophers!


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