Wednesday, July 27, 2011

North Carolina Makes Move, Fires Butch Davis

North Carolina apparently has the worst timing in college football history. Tha Tarheels canned Butch Davis this afternoon, as a new board of directors came into town. The administration cited the reputation of the university as a reason for the firing, which means there is so much more to the agent scandal that has not been made public yet. This was also a move to gain leniency when UNC goes before the NCAA in October.
I don't have an issue with any of that, but the timing was absolutely horendous. Just 8 days before the opening of fall camp, the Heels are going into said camp with an unkown coaching situation, an interim without security, and questions upon questions. The impact on recruiting could be devastating, and has already had an effect, as several 2012 recruits were staying away, or have now completely shut UNC out of the process.
Wherever you have UNC on your 2011 projection list, drop them down a couple of notches, because the bumpy ride has only just begun. If the situation with the scandal has just begun, remember, Pete Carroll bailed on USC, and they eventually did fire Mike Garrett as AD, but they still got drilled. Culture and perception are everything, and UNC is trying to repair both as fast as humanly possible.
More info as it becomes available, and a news conference is scheduled for tomorrow on campus.

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