Monday, July 25, 2011

Gunner Kiel Update

     The latest info on the Gunner Kiel derby comes from Justin Davis of "Tha SportsKrib". Justin has informed me that QB Jamies Winston will commit to Alabama on 8/3, leaving Alabama as being off of the charts, as I had stated earlier today that Kiel does not desire to sign with a school that has already inked a QB for the 2012 class.
     Matt Chandik, our Big 10 expert and sports writer for the Delaware County Times, also confirmed for me the legitimacy of Indiana as a landing spot for Kiel, as his ties to the school are now extremely strong.
     We will have more information on the Gunner Kiel sweepstakes as it comes available. It still sounds as if we can expect an announcement as early as next week, according to ESPN and SEC sources.

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