Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gunner Kiel Update 2

As has been widely reported today, Gunner Kiel has officially committed to Kevin Wilson and the Indiana Hoosiers. Jamies Winston has a visit scheduled in Tuscaloosa this weekend with his entire family according to mulitple sources. His Mother and Grandmother want him to choose Alabama, while his Father is wishing for a Florida State selection, but it appears, other than a buddy-buddy attitude with FSU QB EJ Manuel at a camp recently, that Winston would be leaning towards Alabama at this time. If you have ever been to one of these camps, and I have been to many, all of these kids act like best friends the day of the camp, but it means absolutely nothing.
Congrats to the Hoosier family for landing a huge recruit. This was absolutely a steal by Kevin Wilson, and may begin to change a long dormant football culture at IU. It will certainly be a bit easier to compete in a 6 team division rather than in an open conference format, and IU will only need to steal a few wins here and there to be extremely competitive, and this move places them in a future position to be much more competitive in the new Big 10. They cannot, however, afford to rest on this, and they now need to go out and attack the recruit market as hard as they can, so that Kiel will have the appropriate talent to place around him to attain success through this move. Nothing is guaranteed.
And for those of you who have questioned my background, or my credibility, I have been in and around college football as both a member of main stream media and as a freelance journalist for over 20 years. I have been to over 100 college football stadiums and games, and have contacts on every level of college football from Division 2, FCS, and FBS football. In other words, I have been at this for a long time, and even though I just started this blog one year ago, I have been hanging out at this rodio for a very long while. I hope that this clarifies.

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