Sunday, July 3, 2011

CFL Week One Review-Toronto/Calgary

Here are my 8 points of emphasis on the Argo's win over the Stampeders on Thursday...

Toronto 23, Calgary 21

Point #1: Cleo Lemon is not quite ready for prime time.
Cleo was in a battle for the starting job, but he may have won it by default after injuries plagued the Argo's QB battle in camp. Lemon was not great in the win, passing for just 187 and 1 TD, but also tossing a pick. I would call his spot as starter anything but stable at this point.

Point #2: Cory Boyd may be the most important offensive player for the Argos.
With instability at QB, Cory Boyd was solid at RB, rushing for 100 yards and one score. More emphasis may need to be on the run early to give Lemon a chance to catch up at QB. Lemon may also want to increase his looks to Boyd as a receiver, as he only did so once in the win.

Point #3: Someone needs to step up and make plays amongst the receivers.
These targets should be Jeremaine Copeland and Chad Owens, but neither stood out on Thursday in Calgary. No stand out receiver means that the QB position remains unstable. Of course, an unstable QB situation harms the receiving corps as well. Damned Symbiotic relationships.

Point #4: The Argos defense may be a strong suit.
The Argos held Henry Burris in check, and Claude Wroten was a havoc wreaker, as he sacked Burris twice. The D also picked off Burris once and forced a fumble.

Point #5: Burris was not Burris
We know that he is better than what we saw against the Argos. Burris was stymied often, as he was held to zero TD passes, despite having completed 26 of 37 for 293 yards. Held from scoring? That doesn't work.

Point #6: The Stamp offense had issues.
Calgary didn't win 14 games in 2010 by playing offensively like this. The Stamps were held to a FG and three singles in the first 3 quarters of this game, and even though the defense held the Argos to 10 total points in the same time frame, the offense never rewarded them for their efforts.

Point #7: Robert Maver is taking a beating.
The Stamps kicker only hit on 1 of his 4 FG attempts, and is taking a beating online for his (lack of) effort. Just one of those turns into a make, and the Stamps started out in the W column. Oops.

Point #8: Burke Dales may be the best punter you have never heard of.
Dales was cranking rocket shots off of his foot in the loss, as he averaged 51.5 yards per punt on the night. Trust me...learn his name America, and make sure your NFL scouts know his name as well. I'll be tracking him.

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