Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ask the Professors Panel for 2011/12

A new season is coming for our "Ask the Professors" series, and I am proud to announce our new panel for the season two! Without further delay, here is our new list of contributors for this very succesful series. They are listed in no particular order, and are all fantastic writers who will add a diverse take on our topics!

Kody Brannon
Kody returns as a vet to the group from season one, and is one of our favorites. ou may know Kody from his sports blog, as he specializes in all sports, with a special slant on his native Texas, and the surrounding areas. Kody is a huge college football enthusiast, and a very good friend. It's great to have him back! Follow him on Twitter @kodysportskorner.

Matt Chandik
Matt is also back for season two, and he brings a healthy dose of dripping synicism, and a whole truck load of knowledge, with a specialization in all things Big 10 Football. Matt has been a valued contributor to The Bilo College Football Report for several months, and also writes for the Delaware County Times south of Philadelphia. Another heavy hitter! Follow him on Twitter @MattChandik.

John Stansberry
You have no idea what's coming at you when you get John in the mix. One of my favorite follows on Twitter, John knows how to bring it to the house, and he keeps you wanting more. John writes his own blog, and also writes for on a regular basis. This is going to be John's first season with the Professors, and let me tell you, we are very pumped to have him onboard!

Justin Davis
Justin is new to the group as well this season, and has been an avid supporter of everything that we do for a good long while. Justin, along with James King, co-hosts "Tha SportsKrib" radio show in blogtalk radio, a show that I Have guested on, and brings a specialty in al things SEC. Justin and James also host a boxing show on Tuesday nights, also on blogtalk radio, and if boxing is your thing, there's no better place to go. Follow Justin on Twitter @jersymikejr.

Nick and Jason Humbert
Back for season two! If fantasy football is your thing, there is no better place than for all of your college football fantasy needs! A strong site, and you won't get information like they give it anywhere else. You receive invaulable college football information, and fantasy ball is a blast on this site. They also co-host "The Tailgate Party" radio show on blogtalk radio, again, a show that I have guested on several times now, and I have a great time, every time. Great guys with great takes, and we're happy to have them back! Follow them on Twitter @GlobalCFFL

Sean Baker
Sean returns for season two, and he brings it from the perspective of being a Penn State specialist with ties to both Ohio State and NC State. A valued friend of the report, Sean was an original member of this group, and has a solid perspective on what's going on when it comes to the national radar of college football. This series would not be the same without him! Follow him on Twitter @nittanylines

The Onside Kick
A great group of guys who run a fantastic site that streams news from all over college and NFL football. They are an invaluable source of information for everything football, and are extremely entertaining to follow. A new addition to the series, you can follow them on their site or follow them on Twitter @Onside_Kick. This is their first season with the Professors!
Ryan Burns
He has the sickness for football. Ryan is a solid follow, and is extremely knowledgable on all things in the sport. Ryan is the Editor-in-Chief for and is a new addition to the group for season two. The site is also loaded with excellent podcasts, and is a must follow. We are thrilled to have Ryan joining our group, and you can follow him @FftblSickness on Twitter.
Zack Bloxhm and Brett Hein
The braind behind are back in the house for season two. Original members of the group for season one, they bring a load of information out of the America's Rocky Mountain region with specialized takes on all things Mountain West and WAC. Their takes are strongly bolstered by strong logic and wisdom, and are always a great read. Follow them on Twitter @theupsetblog.
Cory Hedin
We are thrilled to welcome Cory back for season two, as he was a founding member of the Professors. Cory returns with a specialty in all things Utah Utes, Mountain West, and Pac-12. Follow Cory on Twitter @Ute_Red_Zone for a superfan take on all things Utes!
Lee Kunkel
You'll get a take from the ground on the FCS level, as he currently attends Robert Morris in the Pittsburgh area, but he gives a strong take on East Coast College Football. Lee will be joining us for his first season, and we look forward to what he will bring to the table! follow him on Twitter @kunkel5.
Scott Bilo
You know me by now, as I am the founder of the group, the site, and am launching our brand new site, on August 20th, which will be the future home of this series! I have been working as both a main stream and freelance journalist for over 20 years, having started my radio career at KFI in Los Angeles. I moved on to sprts radio in 1991, and have been covering College Football and Basketball, NFL Football, Arena Football, CFL Football, and Minor and Major League Baseball. A former UCLA and Boston College season ticket holder, I now reside in Las Vegas, and am launching season two of the Bilo College Football Report, and we are adding content to both this blog and our new site everyday! Follow me on Twitter @BiloFootball and @PowerRtdSports while you can find me on Facebook at both Bilo College Football Report and Power Rated Sports.
Keith Harding
Keith is my co-founder for the Bilo College Football Report and and he is our research specialist for both sites. Keith has worked with me for 30 years to perfect our Power Ratings Index that we use to rank schools for FBS, FCS, and D2 football, and it's a system that is time tested and stands to scrutiny. There is not a soul on this planet who lives, eats, and breathes football more than Keith. He is a master of football knowledge and lore, and he is the creator of all of the topic lines that we use for this series. Great guy, great friend, and a great Brother from a different mother.
I hope that you enjoy this panel this season! It's a huge group, I know, but I want to provide you, the reader, with as many different takes as is possible to give a well rounded vision on what's happening from week to week in the college football universe. It's going to be a phenominal season! 
First edition launches Friday, August 5th! All questions will be emailed to the group tomorrow!

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