Monday, July 18, 2011

"Ask the Professors" and Other Updates

I am currently putting together a list of contributors for the new season of "Ask the Professors". I will send out invites and notifications very shortly, but technical difficulties are slowing the process. As soon as those issues are cleared up (Twitter is the problem this time), I will be sending out messages to those who we would like to be a part of the series this season.

We will be starting a new series in the next two weeks called "Seven Points". I am currently lining up topics and guests for this new series, and it will be found on when we go live on August 20th. Some editions will be in interview format, while others will be based on seven observations from the week. I am very excited about this new project, as we have some very solid guests that we are lining up!

The first editions for "Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool" and "Coaches on the Hot Seat" are just a few weeks away, and will also be moving to as well. Some coaches start the season on both lists...stay tuned to find out who is on the list.

More updates as we get closer to the season!

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