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Patriot League 2010 Review

Lehigh Mountain Hawks
2010 Record: 10-3 (6-0), 1st
2010 Postseason: 2nd Round, Defeated Northern Iowa 14-7, Lost to Delaware 42-20
     Junior QB Chris Lum had a solid season, but nobody is going to mistake him for a super star. Lum was, however, solid. Lum passed for 2881 yards, while tossing 19 TDs, but he also threw 13 picks on the season. Lum had solid yard per game numbers, as he averaged 240.1 yards per game, but came in low at a 58% completion rate. He has some work to do, but he could clear some hurdles this fall.
     To Lum's credit, he got next to no support from a feeble running game. Jay Campbell rushed for 610 yards and 5 TDs, but not one other RB on the roster cleared 200 yards for the season. Great for Arena Football, bad for College Football.
     The real production went to the receivers, especially Ryan Spadola, the league WR of the Year. Spadola posted a very solid line of 78-1130-9 on the season, and he will return to form what could be one of the best QB/WR combos in the nation in 2011. Jake Drwal was a solid secondary receiver last fall, posting a line of 54-622-3, and he was followed by Craig Zurn, who posted 40-569-3. Zurn is the only member of this group to not be returning in 2011, and there is very little experience returning beyond that.
      The defense was dominating at times last fall, especially once they got into Patriot League play. Not one league opponent managed to score 20 points against Lehigh. Al Pierce was the leading tackler, as the senior LB racked up 110 tackles on the season. Colin Newton (82) and Tanner Rivas (72) followed, but there was a huge drop after that. Pierce also led the team with 12 TFLs last fall, and he was joined by Rivas, who collected 10.5 on the season. Newton led the team with 6.5 sacks on the season. Rivas will be returning to lead the club up front next season as Pierce has moved on.
     Lehigh's best pass defenders were all seniors last fall. Casey Eidemire led the team with 6 balls knocked away, and he was followed by Pierce and Jarard Cribbs, who both had 5. Cribbs led the Patriot League with 7 picks on the season.
     Tom Randazza had a very good season as a senior last year at PK, as he nailed 10 of his 11 FG attempts on the season. He will be difficult to replace. John Kennedy led the league in kick returns, as he averaged 28.79 yards per return on the season, but strangely enough, he never scored.

Holy Cross Crusaders
2010 Record: 6-5 (4-2), Tied 2nd
2010 Postseason: None
      The Crusaders had a strong finish last fall, as they won 3 of the final 4 games of the year to steal a tie for second, including a win over Colgate. They will try to build on that mark next season, but the schedule will be extremely tough, as they take on UMass and New Hampshire.
     Ryan Taggert finished his Crusader career by finishing third in the league in passing last fall. Taggert passed for 1899 yards with 14 TDs on the season, and he managed a relatively low 7 picks.
     The run game was a walking disaster last fall, as Sam Auffant led the team with only 425 yards rushing and 2 scores. Auffant got little support himself, as the next best rusher on the team was Taggert with just 209 yards. Taggert did lead the team in rushing TDs, as he scored 5 times on the ground.
     Taggert did like to spread the ball around, as six different receivers caught 20 passes or more last fall. Bill Edger led the team with a line of 44-540-7. He was followed in this group by Freddie Santana (39-482-6), Luke Chmielinski (45-421-2), Gerald Mistretta (29-374-3), Alex Schneider (30-217-1), and Auffant (20-117-0).
     Defensively, the Crusaders really did not get it done. They gave up 212.5 yards passing and 167.3 yards rushing per game, and they gave up 24 or more points in seven games.
     Junior LB Ricky Otis led the league in tackles with 108. He did miss two games, so he could really explode if healthy next fall. CJ Martin finished with 95 tackles, while Anthony DiMichele collected 83. Sean Lamkin was next with 67, and Chandler Fenner filled out the upper tier with 58. Lamkin led the lackluster effort up front with only 7 TFLs, while he also led with only 4 sacks.
     Tom Manix led the secondary on the season with 6 passes defended, and DiMichele was the only other defender to hit 5, and Alex Johnson led the team with a meager 2 picks on the season.
     Rob Dornfried was very good, as he hit 10 of 13 FGs, but he needs to be replaced now, as he moves on. Freddie Santana was the man on punt returns, as he led the league with an average of 16.75 yards per return with one TD.

Colgate Red Raiders
2010 Record: 7-4 (4-2), Tied 2nd
2010 Postseason: None
     After a 4-2 start, Colgate looked like they could be primed to make a move to win the league, but then they fell flat, losing their next two games before winning their final 3. By then, it was too late, and Lehigh had run away with the title.
     Greg Sullivan passed for 1349 yards and 8 TDs, but only tossed 5 picks on the season. He was not the focus of the offense, and he seemed to be ok with that, as RB Nate Eachus was our All-Bilo FCS RB of the Year.
     Eachus was the man last season, as he rushed for 1871 yards and 21 TDs. It was an amazing season, and Eachus returns for more heroics in 2011, as he tries to redeem the Red Raiders, Sullivan added another 605 yards rushing, as he also scored 8 TDs on the ground himself.
     Doug Rosnick was the only receiver worth mentioning coming off of last season, as he posted a solid line of 49-646-7. Daniel Cason (21-185-0) was the only other receiver to grab 20 passes.
     The Raider defense was actually quite good. They only gave up 168 yards passing per game, and held the opposition to 128 yards on the ground weekly. That is very good. Senior LB Chris DiMassa led the team with 92 tackles on the season. Patrick Friel came next with 73 tackles. There was a massive drop after that, so the Raiders will have to find some depth. Senior LB Zach Smith led the team with 14.5 TFLs on the season, good for 32nd in the nation. Lamont Sands added another 11.5 to the table. Both are gone now. Smith led the team with 10.5 sacks.
     DiMassa led the team with 4 picks on the season, but despite their strong performance against the pass, nobody reached 5 passes defended.
     Evan Colbourne was solid at PK as a sophomore, as he hit on 6 of 8 FGs. He obviously had limited opportunities, so he could have better numbers next fall. Noah Jackson is a solid return man, as he averaged 24.45 yards per kick return.

Fordham Rams
2010 Record: 5-6 (3-3), 4th
2010 Postseason: None
     The Rams are coming off of back to back 5-6 seasons after last fall. They are at the crossroads where something will have to give, or else changes may have to be made.
     There were problems with injury at QB last fall, so there may be a point where the trouble started. Blake Wayne was the leader with 8 games played, and he passed for 1614 yards, but he only managed 6 TD passes, and did toss 4 picks in that time frame. Ryan Higgins played in 5 games, and he passed for 665 yards with 4 TDs, but threw 4 picks in those 5 games.
     Daryl Whiting led the team in rushing last fall, as he ran for 744 yards and 8 scores. Xavier Martin also had 100 carries on the season, as he rushed for 434 yards with 4 scores, and Wayne also was a run threat with 372 yards and 4 scores.
     The Rams were lucky to have a solid receiving threat with Jason Caldwell, as he posted a line of 71-910-3. Stephen Skelton (42-443-3) and David Moore (27-321-2) were the only other receivers to grab 20 passes on the year.
     The Rams were hit and miss on defense, as they were vulnerable against the pass, giving up 232.1 yards per game passing. They were decent against the run, as they allowed 136.5 yards rushing per game. Senior Safety Jamal Haruna led the team with 74 tackles. He was followed by Isa Abdul-Quddus (78), Michael Martin (69), Brendan Melanophy (64), and Bryson Wilson (54). Justin Yancy led the team with 10.5 TFLs, but he was not well supported by the rest of the defense, but Yancy's 3 sacks were the best that the Rams could muster, which is even worse.
      Ahmed Haruna led the team with 8 passes defended, while Abdul-Quddus followed with 6. Wilson added 5 of his own.
      Patrick Murray had plenty of opportunities last fall, but hit only 12 of his 21 FG attempts on the season. He was only a sophomore, so improvements are expected. Murray led the league with a 39.35 yard average in punting.

Georgetown Hoyas
2010 Record: 4-7 (2-4), 5th
2010 Postseason: None
      It was a rough season for the Hoyas, as they finished by losing 6 of 7 to finish out. Those six losses all came in a row.
     The offense was incredibly weak, as leading passer Scott Darby only averaged 121.6 yards per game while passing for 1338 yards. He finished with an 8/6 Td to pick ratio on the season, but only completed 54.4% of his passes.
      There was no support from the run game, as they were led by Philip Oladeji with only 393 yards and 4 scores. Keerome Lawrence was the leading receiver, as he posted a line of 42-446-1. John O'Leary caught 5 TD passes, but nobody averaged 50 yards per game.
     The Hoyas were not horrid on defense, but they were borderline at best. Nick Parrish, a senior LB, led the team with 92 tackles. Robert McCabe collected 84 tackles on the season, and was followed by Jayah Kaisamba (69), Wayne Heimuli (66), Jeremy Moore (72), Patrick O'Donnell (66), David Quintero (60), and Andrew Schaetzke (59). Schaetzke led the team with 15 TFLs, which also led the league. Jeremy Moore was 2nd with 10. Schaetzke also led the team with 9 sacks on the season in 11 games.
      Moore also finished with 11 passes defended. Kaisamba followed with 6 passes knocked away. Schaetzke also added 5 of his own. Moore 's total led the league. Kaisamba finished 2nd in the league with his 5 picks.
     Brett Weiss had moderate success kicking the ball last fall, as he hit 7 of his 10 FG attempts on the season, and the Hoyas are hoping for more from the incoming senior. Moore had a solid season as a return man, as he averaged 26.87 yards per kick return.

Lafayette Leopards
2010 Record: 2-9 (1-5), Tied 6th
2010 Postseason: None
     The Leopards took a huge step back last season, as they fell from 8 wins in 2009 to just 2 wins in 2010. That's pretty disturbing, but the Leopards are the kind of program that doesn't stay down.
     All things considered, Ryan O'Neil was pretty solid in 2010. O'Neil passed for 2183 yards and 15 TDs on the year, and only tossed 7 picks in the process. That's not bad for a QB on a 2-9 football team.
     That being said, he received no support from his run game, as Alan elder led the team with just 435 yards rushing and 1 TD. That's not getting it done for the Leopards, and they have to find someone who can step forward and take the reins, as O'Neil will desperately need to have the heat taken down to succeed in 2011. Nobody ran for more than 2 scores in 2010. Not good.
     Mark Layton was the leading receiver last fall, as he posted a line of 64-748-6 on the season, which was good for 3rd in the league. Kyle Hayes will have to be that top guy next fall, as Layton departed after the season. Hayes posted 39-547-5, and was followed by Mitchell Bennett with 33-394-3. Bennett will return next fall as the number two behind Hayes.
     The pass defense was serviceable last season, but teams ran at will over the Leopards to a tune of 173.2 yards per game. That has to be shored up if Lafayette wishes to head back to the top of the pile next fall. Michael Schmidlein finshed 3rd in the league in tackles with 108, but he departed after the season, leaving a huge hole in the lineup. Kyle Simmons finished with 77 tackles, and he was followed by Ben Eaton (70), and Brandon Ellis (65). Senior DE Michael Phillips was the only Leopard defender to finish with double figures in TFLs with 10, and the pass rush was a joke.
     Ellis finished 2nd in the league with 8 passes defended on the season, and Kyle Simmons was the only other member of the team that finished with at least 5, and he hit it right on that number. Nick Nardone and Simmons finished with 2 picks each to lead the team.
     Davis Rodriguez led the league in FGs per game, but only hit on 14 of 20 on the season. He moves on, so the Leopards have another big hole to fill, as they can ill afford to lose any scoring. The rest of the special teams were an outright disaster.

Bucknell Bison
2010 Record: 1-10 (1-5), Tied 6th
2010 Postseason: None
     The Bison were just a top to bottom mess last season. They never won at home, as their only win was a road victory over Georgetown. This season is a critical time for Bucknell, as improvement must come soon in a winnable league.
     Brandon Wesley gave it all he had at QB, but it just wasn't that great. Wesley only passed for 1699 yards last fall, and his ratio was inverted at 6/9. He was the only QB to play significant time, but the good news is that he was only a freshman. He has time to get better.
      Tyler Smith was the leading rusher at 402 yards, but that was only good for 36.5 yards per game, and nobody else was close. Disaster.
     Victor Walker only caught 19 passes, but he averaged 23.3 yards per catch and finished with 443 yards. Frank DeNick (38-423-1) and Smith (35-261-0) were the other favorite targets, but overall, that is not saying much.
     The defense failed to make the grade as well. The Bison failed to hold passing teams down, as they gave up an average of 226.7 yards per game, and they also allowed ample rushing yardage, giving up 153.2 yards per game on the ground. Travis Nisley led the team with just 63 tackles, so that pretty much tells you the story right there. Josh Eden was the only defender applying pressure up front, as he finished with 10.5 TFLs on the year, but he only totalled 4.5 sacks. To say that their pass defense was missing for the most part would not be an understatement.
     Tyler Smith was also the main kick return man (he was also the backup QB), as he averaged 28.64 yards per kick return, and he scored once as well. He ranked 6th nationally in returns, giving the Bison their only bright spot.

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