Sunday, June 12, 2011

Editors Note..Jerome Raymond

I had received a comment on the "My Favorite Returness-Defensive Linemen" edition in regards to people asking me about why Jerome Raymond of Morehead State was not on the list. I thank you for reaching out and pointing out that Raymond was indeed missing. I have rectified that mistake, and in noticing that I had Mark Hall on the main list and Honorable Mention list, he was removed from the honorable mention list and replaced with Raymond. It has been reposted as of this afternoon. Thanks for reading, for speaking up, and go Eagles!

1 comment:

  1. I saw how you did sort of fix your mistake but let me point out that Jerome Raymond has been been better in every stat category than his DL Teammate Mark Hall! Jerome Raymond was 5th in the nation in sacks last year while Mark Hall wasn't in the Top 150! While being a preseason All American doesn't mean much unless you back it up during the season Jerome Raymond is one and mark Hall is not! Lets just say I think you have the two spots reversed... And im not a hater on Mark Hall just trying to see why he made the top list and Jerome Raymond just made honorable mention(I think there roles should be switched). If you ask me hes in the discussion for the Top 3 best DL this year along with Mario Kurn and Zach Nash!

    -A FAN