Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NFL Draft Team Grades-Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs were a huge surprise in 2010, and even though they eventually hit a wall in the playoffs, they may be on the brink of doing some fantastic things over the next couple of seasons. This draft was huuge in gauging what the progress would be immediately, as any new talent would keep the train moving up the hill. Let's take a look...

Round 1, Pick 26 (From Atlanta, Cleveland)
Jonathon Baldwin, WR

Has tremendous talent that will give the Chiefs yet another deep threat to spread the field for Matt Cassel immediately. Should start right away, and is a dependable target. He did have some issues with playing with a young QB last season, and didn't do a lot early to alleviate the situation, but came around as the season progressed. He needs to step up and be consistent, but he does have 110 receptions over the last two seasons with some highly average QBs tossing him the ball.
Grade: B

Round 2, Pick 23
Rodney Hudson, OG/C
Florida State

Our All-Bilo Guard of the Year winner, Hudson is a diverse and deeply talented lineman that scouts took their time to diminsh at times. He is better than people give him credit for, and the Chiefs are going to love his ability. Look for him to start at center from day one. Very solid grab here.
Grade: A

Round 3, Pick 6 (From Cleveland)
Justin Houston, LB

Obviously built for the part and was a potential first rounder until it was found out that he tested positive for marijuana at the combine. He had 19.5 TFLs last season, with 11 sacks, but he didn't do a ton when it came to the everydown play, leading people to question whether it's all about him or not. He seemingly needs to be making the big play, or he won't make the play at all. Be very wary, despite the potential for greatness, which does exist, if only he works for it.
Grade: C

Round 3, Pick 22
Allen Bailey, DE

Bailey is built like a small tackle. He recorded 11 TFLs and led the Hurricanes with 7 sacks last season. The problem with Bailey is that he was exposed at the Senior Bowl as a player that has limited overall skills, and really does not provide you with a player that can make plays without everything falling apart for the offense first. Very limited creatively. You almost have to set up special schemes for him to succeed, and that isn't a good thing.
Grade: C-

Round 4, Pick 21
Jalil, Brown, CB

He has the physical traits that the Chiefs look for at 6-1 and 205, but he is technically flawed, and grabs too much and is often burned. He led the Buffaloes with 3 picks and a TD last season, but only defended 4 passes on the year. Not a high upside here, and also comes from a losing program, and will have to have that beaten out of him. Bit of a reach here with limited value at best.
Grade: D

Round 5, Pick 4
Ricky Stanzi, QB

Stanzi does not have the prototypical rocket arm for the position, but he knows how to win and make plays, which really is what you need before anything else at this position, excluding leadership ability, which he has plenty of. With Iowa decimated at the RB position last season, Stanzi took the team on his shoulders, and as players around him fell aprt to injury and off field stupidity, Stanzi kept his head up and kept on charging, and Iowa kept winning with him. Coaches will love this kid. Probable backup to Cassel this season.
Grade: B

Round 5, Pick 9
Gabe Miller, OLB
Oregon State

Project at best. He has bounced around from TE to DE and now to LB. He has not developed the skill set or the fundamentals of the position yet, which leads me to ask why he was selected here and not in the 7th or left alone altogether. He is not ready to play.
Grade: F

Round 6, Pick 34 (Compensatory Pick)
Jerrell Powe, DT
Ole Miss

Powe is essentially a big body that is supposed to take up blockers. Not much is expected of him. Has shown some athletic flashes, including an interception during his career. Collected 8.5 TFLs last season, so he can get it done, but that's not what he'll be here to do in a 3-4 defense, if he makes the squad.
Grade: C

Round 7, Pick 20
Shane Bannon, FB

Looks smaller than his size, but is 270 lbs. Huge blocker, and excellent option for the Chiefs as a short yardage and redzone back. He ran a 4.7 at 270 lbs during his workouts, which is pretty interesting. Could also be used as a potential H-Back. Intriguing player late in the draft.
Grade: B

Player That Could Surprise

Player That Could Flop

Sure To Be a Star

Sure To Be a Flop

Too any chances were taken on players that could go either way. Very little surefire talent at the skill slots, and Hudson saved the draft from going entirely south. Bannon could be a nice find late, and that helped as well. Again, too many projects and too many question marks.

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