Monday, May 9, 2011

NFL Draft Team Grades-Dallas Cowboys

Everyone knows how the Cowboys folded last season, so this draft needed to be a key to the franchise rebirth for the 2011 season. JErry Jones always winds up with a mixed grill of sorts on draft day, so nobody really knew waht to expect. Let's take a look...

Round 1, Pick 9
Tyron Smith, OT

First of all, I have to say that I would have gone the route of selecting Anthony Costanzo from Boston College here, but Tyron Smith is intriguing. He graded lower in the first round, but he has some serious potential, and some people believe that he will be a game changing lineman for Dallas, who absolutely needed an upgrade up front. Jason Garrett plans to use him at both right and left tackle in camp to see where he fits best, so there is a bit of work that needs to be done.
Grade: B

Round 2, Pick 8
Bruce Carter, LB
North Carolina

The brass was really excited to get Carter where they got him. He is a former safety, but you can't tell by looking at him, and he still possesses solid coverage skills. Very adept at apecial teams as well. Here is the problem...his numbers don't match the hype. He is also coming off of knee surgery. That could be problematic, as he missed time last season. Potential huge, but now let's see it on the field.
Grade: B-

Round 3, Pick 7
DeMarco Murray, RB

I love Murray as a player, but the Cowboys did not need another RB. They already have a 3 man rotation with Barber, Jones, and Choice, that when healthy, is the best RB rotation in the NFL. His build and injury history are concerning. Rushed for 15 TDs and over 1200 yards last season, so his productivity is not at issue here. The Cowboys went for glitz on this pick, and may have buyers remorse later. Could have gotten a QB to develop here instead, or another receiver.
Grade: C-

Round 4, Pick 13
David Arken, OG/OT
Missouri State

Dominated at Missouri State, and was the best Bears lineman in years. Has a serious nasty streak and is competitive. Translates better to guard in the NFL, but could still project to playing tackle on the right side. Could develop into a starter, giving the Cowboys another young line anchor for years to come.
Grade: A

Round 5, Pick 12
Josh Thomas, CB

Consistency is an issue with Thomas. He only had 2 career picks at Buffalo, meaning that he has limited, at best, ball skills. Does not possess the top notch skills or productivity that I would want at the position. He would be better suited to package defenses. You have to position him correctly, otherwise he gets overly aggressive and misses plays, and he has a tendency to get beat deep. Did not come from a winning program, so he has to learn how to win, something that is not easy to do. This one is a project.
Grade: D

Round 6, Pick 12
Dwayne Harris, WR
East Carolina

Harris may be my favorite late round selection in the entire NFL draft. all this guy does is produce, year after year. He works very hard, and has an incredible ethic in that regard. Harris caught 101 passes for 1123 yards and 10 scores in 2010, which was a slight improvement from his 83-978-7 effort from 2009. Has room to grow and get better, and I am thinking that the Cowboys are going to love this guy.
Grade: A+

Round 7, Pick 17 (From San Diego)
Shaun Chapas, RB

Carried the ball all of 15 times in 2010. Do I have to go on at all here? Nothing else to say other than an early camp cut.
Grade: F

Round 7, Pick 49
Bill Nagy, C

Solid center for the Badgers, and worked as the blocking coordinator from that position. Worked well with Badgers QB Scott Tolzien, who got better every season. If he works hard enough, he could stick, but may be a camp casualty as well. A wait and see deal.
Grade: C

Potential Surprise Player
Nagy, Harris, Arkin

Potential Flop
Thomas, Murray

Sure To Be a Star
Smith, Arkin

Sure To Be a Flop
Thomas, Chapas

Final Team GPA
2.38...Low C
The Cowboys again had a mixed draft. There were some scores mixed with fails, and the late round pick of Chapas, even in the 7th, was a joke. The selection of Murray was on production at Oklahoma alone, but they didn't have a need there, so it was essentially a wasted pick, unless they trade his rights after the lockout. Harris was a great grab late, and Smith and Arkin are potential starters on the line. Don't know if Cowboy fan loves or hates this draft, or is totally indifferent.

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