Monday, May 9, 2011

NFL Draft Team Grades-Cleveland Browns

In all honesty, the Browns always seem to be one or two players from becomming a playoff team, and they always swing and miss. They have a history of bungling drafts and free agent signings, and nothing ever seems to change. It doesn't ever matter who coaches, the place becomes a graveyard, and even Bill Belichick was thought of as the village idiot when he coached there. Things need to change, and something needs to spark. Again, this had the potential to be a make or break draft, so let's take a look...

Round 1, Pick 21
Phil Taylor, DT

So...this was someone's idea of a game changing pick for the flailing Browns? Think again. Taylor is a big body who takes up some space up front, but if you wanted some production for your defense, a focal point to excite folks about your D, this was not the place to go and get it. He is not exactly a high character type, and needs constant motivation just to stay in shape. Is not a self motivator. He also graded out as a 2nd to 3rd rounder. Reach. He's also a NT that fits into a 3-4 set, and the Browns are trying to convert to a 4-3. Huh?
Grade: D

Round 2, Pick 5
Jabaal Sheard, DE/OLB

Oh boy...the Browns are trying to become the Bengals, or it appears that way. Sheard is another guy who has character concerns after he was arrested last summer for throwing a guy through a window at an art gallery. The cops had to pepper spray him to get him cuffed and subdued. He is going to be asked to play OLB more often, and that can present a problem, as he gives no value as a pass cover guy. He has a ton to learn, and has some growing up to do. Huge reach this early in the 2nd round. Would have traded down if I still wanted him.
Grade: D

Round 2, Pick 27
Greg Little, WR
North Carolina

Another character issue guy, as he was one of several UNC players suspended all of last season for wanting his cake and eating it too, as he was mixed up with agents while in school. He wasn't exactly the most explosive receiver in the game when he did play, only averaging 11.68 yards per reception in 2009, as he had 62 grabs. Probably pretty rusty, not huge on production, and a character issue? Sign me up.
Grade: F

Round 4, Pick 5
Jordan Cameron, TE

Caught all of 16 passes in 2010. Wow. He's a former hoops player who is still learning the game. Athletic enough, but lacking huge in productivity and experience. He was not at all graded this high, and this was a reach based on unseen potential. Again, wow.
Grade: F

Round 4, Pick 27
Owen Marecic, FB/LB

I love a good throwback player, and that's exactly what Marecic brings to the table. Compares favorably to former Stanford/Cleveland player Tommy Vardell. Get him the ball near the goal line, and you have yourself a TD. Here's the thing...he also credibly plays linebacker. Extremely athletic and smart. The best player in this draft that the Browns took by a mile or more.
Grade: A

Round 5, Pick 6
Buster Skrine, DB

Fast, fast, fast. Super speed guy in the secondary and on kick returns. Small, but tough. Won't likely be a starter, but could contribute in packages, and has no fear. He did lose some time to a dislocated elbow last season, but that does not make him an injury concern. He'll work very hard for the Browns and give all he has to give on the field. Pulling for him as an underdog.
Grade: B

Round 5, Pick 19 (From NY Giants, Minnesota)
Jason Pinkston, OT

And we float back down again. Pinkston graded out here on raw talent, but he is not known for his work ethic. Tends to be lazy, and although he played LT at Pitt, he projects to RT in the NFL. Not a hig end motor, and his weight fluctuates, according to reports. Seems like another guy who doesn't project a winning attitude for a team that desperately needs one.
Grade: D

Round 7, Pick 45 (Compensatory Pick)
Eric Hagg, DB

Does not have a natural position in the secondary. Is not especially smart or tough on the field. Has a tendency to get run over, and is a total project at best. Played more in a "Rover" role at Nebraska, and was not seriously awesome there. I predict an early camp cut, whenever that may be.
Grade: F

Surprise Players
Marecic, Skrine

Potential Flops
Everyone other than Marecic and Skrine

Sure To Be a Star
No guarantees here, but Marecic would come to mind.

Sure To Be a Flop

Final Team GPA
Didn't do a damned thing to help out Colt McCoy in this draft. They overreached on almost everyone, and did not get one single impact player that I believe will come in and change the culture in Cleveland. Blow it the fuck up and start over.

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