Saturday, May 7, 2011

More Announcements For Bilo Football

I am pleased to announce that Bilo Football will cover the CFL for the 2011 season. I am also pleased to announce that we are locking down resources to cover the CIS, which is the Canadian version of the NCAA for the 2011 college football season. Our covering the CIS will further enrich our coverage of the CFL, as a majority of CFL rosters are filled with Candian collegiate players.
Coverage of the CFL will move over to our new site, when we launch later this year.
In seperate news, I am beginning working on locking down interviews with several different coaches throughout the country, and will have announcements as to who we have coming onboard shortly. Our opening interview is a coach who I have become very familiar with over the years, and he has been responisble for developing some top flight NFL talent that you will certainly have heard of.
I also want to announce once more that we will begin covering D2 college football this fall as well. Our FCS coverage was a major hit for 2010, and so we will expand our coverage to D2 to give a larger voice to a very passionate fan base from some very good schools across the country that may not get nearly enough play in the media.
This does not mean that we will be slacking off in other areas, as our FBS and FCS coverage will be just as intensive, and will be richer and fuller for the upcoming season. In the next two weeks, I will be announcing a set schedule as to what articles will be posting, and what days of the week you can expect to see them this fall. As always, email me with any suggestions you have, and you can always reach me on Twitter (@BiloFootball). We do this for the real fans out there, so fire away with any ideas you all may have, and we welcome your comments.
Thanks again for reading! The ride is just getting started!

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