Monday, May 2, 2011

Changes Coming to Bilo Football

     For the last few weeks, I have been promoting the fact that the team responsible for this site would be meeting in Las Vegas to discuss the future of all things Bilo Football, and would be creating a future schedule to further expand what we do here at the blog. That meeting happened last week at my home in Las Vegas, and was a week long strategy session that created a future path for this site and other projects. Several items were solidified and I am proud to announce what will be happening this fall.
     First of all, if you have been a reader of the Bilo College Football report, nothing will change with this particular site. Continue to visit this site for all things College Football. For at least the 2011 season, the Bilo College football report will remain at this address.
     What will change, is that we are currently in construction on a new multi-dimensional web site that will encompass everything else that we will be providing from this point forward. How will this change things? Simply put, every column that I write will have a regulated schedule. Content for the 2011 season, with their schedules, will be released shortly. Some content has survived from last season, some has been cut from the schedule, and new columns have been added to our weekly schedule. Stay tuned in the next week for more on the 2011 Bilo Football Schedule. All of this material will be released here at the Bilo College Football Report. On the site, you will find hard football news, and we will publish our weekly ranking system there as well. There will be a link here at this site that will take you directly to the new site for all of our weekly rankings.
     There will be new ventures included with the new site. First of all, launching in late fall, 2011, will be our official new venture into the world of college basketball. Everything for college hoops will be found on this new site.
     Launching in March, 2012, will be our official new Bilo Baseball page on the site as well. We have not covered baseball or hoops yet on any level, so this will be a brand new area of coverage for us in this format, but I assure you all, I have an extensive background of covering these sports during my career in sports media, so you will not be disappointed.
     The official sports site can be found at and it is now active. Please bear with us as it is still massively under construction. Visit back often as we build what will be a very diverse site, with every bit of energy as we have put into this site. Everything that we do there will be multitudes better than what we have provided so far. When I began this quest, I promised that we would get better and better, and that is still my guarantee. You will still get honest opinion, and nothing will be sugar coated. Everything we hit will be hit with both barrels, and we have plenty of surprises in store for you.
     Please join us in this new venture, and to all of you, once again, thanks for reading and for following us through the process. It is all of you who keep the energy coursing through the work that goes into this. In the meantime, continue to visit us regularly at this site, as well as the new site.

Scott Bilo
Founder and Editor
The Bilo College Football Report

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