Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vikings #12 Pick

And the bizarre draft continues. The Vikings should have Pondered this selection a little bit more. The Vikings select QB Christian Ponder of Florida State. The Vikes fans are left to Ponder about what the fuck just happened.
Ponder has always had health issues, and had some last season. He was a whopping 22-11 as a starter at FSU, not indicitive of a 1st round QB. And let's be's not like FSU has a deep history of creating NFL QBs. Sloppy pick. Only passed for 170.3 yards per game in 2010. Mike Mayock is an idiot by the way by saying that he will lead the Vikes to the Super Bowl one day. Smoke that crack.

Lions are on the clock, and are trying to trade out...

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