Thursday, April 28, 2011

#1 Pick to Carolina

Carolina selects Cam Newton. Jerry Richardson cements status as Bone Headed idiot. They Ignore the red flags and the crowd boos like crazy.

Newton passed for 2854 yards and 30 TDs to 7 picks last season, his only as a starter at a major program. He does not make the pro throws, and during his pro day workouts, he struggled to make the NFL throws. He has a ton of learning to do, and needs some serious humility in his life.
He believes that his talent is God Given, and he is more mentally ready than BRady or Manning were. His head is huge. Very arrogant. I predict some adversity next fall. Concerned with keeping his father in his lifestyle, and now he wants to go on a vacation...

The Broncos are on the clock...

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