Monday, March 7, 2011

Your Searches

Every day, I get a chance to see what people are searching for, and what leads the to the Bilo College Football Report based on what they are searching for. Often, people post questions which lead them to my site. Today I am starting a new series, which will be titled "Your Questions". Of course, if anyone has a question that you are seeking an answer to, please feel free to email me, and I will post and answer your questions here on the site.

Today's first querry is as follows:

Has an FCS team ever been ranked?

The answer is no, not in the FBS or division 1-A polls since the divisions were created in the 70's. The closest a team has ever gotten was when Appalachian State marched into Ann Arbor and defeated Michigan, causing certain writers to give the Mountaineers votes. This created an interesting debate amongst college football writers in America as to the viablity of FCS football on the American scene.
The scene of college football has changed with your Boise State's, Utah's, and TCU's busting the BCS, an elitist organization who's sole purpose is to exclude more than half of college football's top division from a rightful place in their own division. Every season, more and more FCS opponents are defeating FBS opponents, with the Southern and Colonial Conferences doing serious damage, and when Jacksonville State went into Oxford and took out Ole Miss last season, followed by the James Madison defeat of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, it sent more shockwaves and brings to light an ever blurring line between the upper crust of the FCS and the bottom depths of the FBS. The fact that the stronger FCS schools are having this success should no longer be a surprise, and quite frankly should be expected, and it's setting the stage for further promotion of FCS schools to FBS status, with Texas State, UT-San Antonio, UMass, and Villanova all setting up to make the move within the next two seasons.

That concludes today's answer. If you have a question that you would like to see on the site, please send it in! You will see your question and name posted here on the site, and I will answer every question in turn.
Thanks for reading!

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