Monday, March 14, 2011

Texas State Bobcats 2010 Review

2010 Record: 4-7 (1-6), Tied 7th Southland
2010 Postseason: None
2010 Schedule/Results: @ Houston, L 68-28, Southern Arkansas, W 31-17, Cal Poly, W 21-12, @ Southeastern Louisiana, L 49-24, Nicholls State, L 47-45, Northwestern State, L 16-3, @ Stephen F. Austin, W 27-24, Central Arkansas, L 49-17, @ McNeese State, L 36-6, @ Sam Houston State, L 31-29


     The real news for the Bobcats is that theyannounced a move up to the FBS in 2012 and will be joining the WAC. They were decertified as a member of the Southland in 2011 and will compete as an FCS Independent until joining the WAC. The bad news? The Bobcats couldn't even compete in the Southland in 2010, much less attacking FBS competition.
     Tyler Arndt was the best QB that the Bobcats had on the roster, but could not put together an entire season in 2010. Arndt played in only 7 games, and passed for 1364 yards with 9TDs against 7 picks. When your QB tosses a pick per game, chances are that you are not winning. Tim Hawkins played in 8 games in 2010, but he wasn't much better. Both are very young, as Arndt should be the starter in 2012 when the Bobcats make the move, as he will be a junior then. Hawkins will be a senior in 2012.
      Karrington Bush was the top runner in the backfield, but that was not saying much. Bush rushed for 633 yards and 6 TDs in 11 games. Nothing exciting here. Dexter Imade was right behind him with 104 carries on the season for 395 yards and 5 scores. The two backs gave the Bobcats just barely over 100 yards per game on the ground.
     DaMarcus Griggs had a very nice season as a receiver. Griggs put together a line of 65-920-6 to lead the Bobcats. Daren Dillard and Darius Bolden combined for 64-850-8 to compliment Griggs. One cannot say that the receiving corps did not show up. The bad news? Griggs moves on.
     Defesnsively, the Bobcats were a mess. They gave up 28 points or more 7 times in 2010, including 47 points or more 4 times. They gave up 68 to Houston, but that was before Case Keenum went down with injury. That's improtant to note, as these are the kinds of teams that Texas State will play beginning in 2012 on a regular basis. The Bobcats gave up 207.5 yards per game passing, but got railroaded into giving up 181 yards per game on the ground.
     Marcus Clark was the highest ranked tackler in the Southland that the Bobcats delivered, and he finished 13th. Only Brian Lilly joined him in the top 20, and niether managed to avergae even 6 tackles per game. Jeff Clermond and Prestin Brown both made the top 20 in TFLs, as Clemond had 11 with Brown covering 10. Nobody else was close to putting up any kind of pressure in the backfield, and nobody registered top 10 in sacks in a league where the sack was rare.
     Darryl Morris had 9 pass breakups,but nobody else registered more than 5 on the season, making the secondary an easy target for passing offenses. The shock? The only team in the league that the Bobcats defeated was the team with the best QB in Jeremy Moses.
     Justin Garelick was the worst kicker in te conference, having only made 4 of 12 FGs on the season. Hell, I could probably do that, and I've never kicked, and I am almost 40. Ben Follis did a much better job at punter, with an average of 41.61 yards per punt on the season, good for 3rd in the Southland.


The Bobcats are moving up and they have a big name head coach in Dennis Franchione for 2011. That being said, if you are a Bobcats fan, I'd still be worried. Franchione is a lifelong dirtbag and mercenary. If he gets you winning even remotely, he'll be gone on the first jet out of town, and he has NCAA violations in his past, so if you start winning too quickly, I'd be worried about that too. He's such a loveable guy...just ask Alabama or A&M fan. Also, if you look at the history of Texas State against FBS schools, it's been ugly. Sometimes, it's better to be the big fish, and the Bobcats can't even say that right now. We have one more year until the Cats move up, but I see a trainwreck coming on the horizon.


  1. I just hate when people say stupid things.

  2. Such as? I just hate when people come on my site and make vague comments without merit.Now we both know what we hate. Maybe you should post your pointless idiocy on a Yahoo message board. You'll fit in just fine there.

  3. Arndt blew out his ACL. Bush was coming off major knee surgery (tore all 3 knee ligaments.) The O line have 4 players hurt all season without time to heal. On the D, we lost out starting LILB right before the season and threw in a true freshman. Our NG was a RS and his backup a true freshman (who just squatted 700 lbs 2 weeks ago in S&C training) There is a lot of talent returning that will be better, that just came in or who were waiting their turn.
    The whole atmosphere for spring drills has changed. TXST may be fodder for a year or two but will get somewhat respectable sooner than you give credit.
    Research helps.

    Diff Anon than above.

  4. PS - Arndt was a true freshman, we changed PKs at the end of the season (thankfully) and have added several to the roster for this year.

  5. Bilo, you should try doing a little more than looking at a stat sheet. It helps sometimes.

  6. Thanks for the comments Bobcat fans. I knew about most of the injuries, specifically about Arndt. However, be careful when injuries are used as a crutch. It's a tough sport, injuries happen, and you have to play through them. Don't get me wrong, as I am not a hater, but I am pulling for your program to succeed in the jump, but comparing the success rate of teams that have made the jump, it does not look promising. I believe that your team could have made a stronger higher than hiring a guy with the track record of Franchione, who's interest is purely on himself. I liken him to Dennis Erickson, who is a guy who will leave a school like yours in the dust the first chance that he gets for a bigger program. He'll say all of the right things,make everyone feel good, and then he'll screw you.
    Good luck to all of you, as I find you to be some of the most passionate fans out there, especially on the FCS level.

  7. Who knows what will happen. I know we have a great recruiting class coming in with a few 3-4 star offensive linemen. They will play a major part in helping keep Arndt healthy. I grew up the son of an Aggie so I too am not a very big Fran fan. I am now at TXST and I am willing to give Coach Fran a chance, seeing as there is not a damn thing I can do about it. I do believe that he wanted this job partially to help out his son. For those of you that don't know, Brad Franchione, head coach of Blinn College, was under fire "for unauthorized sale of college property". Because of these problems he resigned on January 3, 2011. Brad was now out of a job and dear old dad saw this as an opportunity to help out his little boy. Once daddy Fran got the job, he wasted no time hiring his baby boy. Now that they are both on campus one can not overlook the fact that they both have track records of violations. I hope that they can put this all behind them and turn TXST into a winning program but there is always the possibility of a relapse. I am not really sure where I stand on our coaching situation as of yet. At first I was completely against it but I have to say Coach Fran and his staff put together one hell of a class in a very short period of time. Coach Fran Jr. is not a bad coach, he won two National Championships at Blinn and produced a Heisman winning and number one overall draft pick quarterback Cam Newton. Who knows how much Cecil made Blinn pay? I feel like TXST may get their shit handed to them for a season or two but once we get our feet wet in the big boy pool, we will be a respectable program. After all, the first two picks in the 2011 NFL draft were recruited by a Franchione with Von Miller being a part of daddy Fran's final class at A&M. With all of this being said, let's all just sit back and see what happens. Eat'em Up Cats!!!

  8. TWoods, thanks for your comments. You hit it squarely on the head in that nobody really knows what will happen, but the hiring of Franchione, like him or not, will certainly upgrade the profile of the program.Joining the WAC, a very weak overall conference in football after the coming changes, will create a winnable scenario for TSU, as it should be a wide open conference. The Bobcats have certainly not had fantastic luck against FBS programs, but that will change over time as they adjust to the level of play. Thanks for reading, and for your very solid comment.