Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Southern Jaguars 2010 Review

2010 Record: 2-9 (1-8), 5th SWAC West
2010 Post Season: None
2010 Schedule/Results
@ Delaware State, W 37-27
Arkansas-Monticello, L 31-7
@ Alabama A&M, L 34-14
Arkansas-Pine Bluff, L 41-23
Mississippi Valley State, W 38-20
@ Jackson State, L 49-45
@ Prairie View, L 30-16
@ Alcorn State, L 27-20
Texas Southern, L 54-7
Alabama State, L 21-19
Grambling, L 38-17

308.5 yards per game

Southern went with a 2 QB system in 2010, playing both Dray Joseph and Jeremiah McGinty. Both are very young, with Joseph being a freshman, and McGinty being a sophomore, so as you can imagine, the passing game took a few lumps. McGinty was the leader by a narrow margin, but neither was a shining star by any account. McGinty passed for 140.7 yards per game, while Joseph followed closely with 124.1. McGinty passed for 9 TDs to 7 picks, while Joseph went for 5 and 4. So even combined, that Jaguars still could have done better. My suggestion...pick one and go with it.
The rushing game was abysmal, as it seemed that the gameplan never even called for the run game to center this team. Let me tell you, even Hawaii found a run game in 2010. You don't have one, and you finish 2-9, if you are fortunate. The Jaguars will need to find balance to improve in 2010. No run game, no wins. Simple.
Only one receiver stood out in 2010, and that was Curry Allen, who caught 40 passes for 534 yards and 3 TDs. LaQuinton Evans scored 5 times, but never caught 20 balls on the year. As a matter fo fact, no other Jaguar receiver caught 20 passes other than Allen. That is absolutely horrible. Southern will need to find some playmakers on the perimeter, or else suffer the same fate as this year.
One more note...the Jags scored 20 points or less 6 times in 2010.

359.5 yards allowed per game

The Jaguars did nothing special on this side of the ball either in 2010. Teams found it easy enough to pass against them (211.3 yards per game allowed), as they did to run against them (148 yards allowed per game). If Southern can shore up some issues, and these numbers can get shaved down, it could be worth a couple of more wins in 2011. The Jags allowed opponents to score 27 points or more 9 times in 2011, and stragely enough, Southern lost 9 games...go figure.
It's all about making plays, not being flashy, and Southern did neither in 2010, as not one Jaguar defender registered in the top 30 in tackles in the SWAC, while in contrast, Mississippi Valley State, who finished dead last in the SWAC, had 5. Anthony Wells, a DB, led the Jags with 50 tackles from the secondary. Not good, and definately not sustainable.
The only players up front worthy of accolades were DL Jordan Miller (19 TFLs), LB Anthony Balancier (14 TFLs), and DL Kedy Enabuele (13 TFLs). They had some nice moments on the season, but 4 other front line players not making plays, they seemed to get drowned out at times by the inability of their teammates to just make plays. Miller had 9 sacks on the season, but nobody else came close.
The secondary was a free for all, again, with nobody stepping up to make any semblance of a big play on a regular basis. Coverage was very bad, and nobody in the secondary managed to defend more than 5 passes all season long, and nobody picked off more than one pass on the season. Purely horrid.


There was one shining star on this football team, and that was definately PK William Griswold, who connected on 15 of 20 FGs. Even better, is that Griswold was just a freshman, so he'll be around for awhile, and the Jaguars will have at least one regular player that they can depend on in the clutch. The challenge will be in keeping games close enough as to where he can become a factor.
Josh Duran was solid, averaging just inder 41 yards per punt, which led the SWAC. However, the SWAC had relatively week punters in 2010, so don't get too excited. He had to punt at a clip of 5.36 times per game on the season, so keeping his leg fresh should be challenging, unless things change drastically in 2010.


Everyone can have a bad season, but Southern is far to deep a program historically to allow this type of suffering to go on long term. The Jags are a relatively young team on offense, but it's time to take the leash off and let these Cats run. Pick a QB, develop a run game, and just get better across the board on defense, including becomming more aggressive, or how about just being aggressive at all. That's how you get out of a 2-9 hole. I would say that I am looking for more in 2011, but until someone here shows me something to believe in, I'd just be lying to you.

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