Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Missouri Tigers 2010 Review

2010 Record: 10-3 (6-2), Tied 1st Big 12 North
2010 Bowl Game: Insight Bowl, Lost to Iowa 27-24
2010 Schedule/Results: Illinois, W 23-13, McNeese State, W 50-6, San Diego State, W 27-24, Miami (Ohio), W 51-13, Colorado, W 26-20, @ Texas A&M, 30-9, Oklahoma, W 36-27, @ Nebraska, L 31-17, @ Texas Tech, L 24-17, Kansas State, W 38-28, @ Iowa State, W 14-0, Kansas, W 35-7, @ Iowa, L 27-24


     A two game losing streak is all it took to derail Missouri for yet another season. Losing to Nebraska was bad enough, but the loss to Texas Tech was the bullet to the heart. Even with 10 wins on the season, the Tigers were still exiled to the Insight Bowl, a bowl that is little watched or supported. The Tigers deserved a better fate, but once again, they fell short when they had success at the doorstep.
     Blaine Gabbert, in my opinion, fell short himself in 2010 as to what people expected of him. He certainly did not perform to the level that he should have left Mizzou after his junior season, which is exactly what he has done. Gabbert completed 63.4% of his passes, ok but not sepctacular, for 3186 yards. However, he only passed for 16 scores against 9 picks, hardly numbers that would make me jump up and down and select him in the forst round over. I felt that he had regressed in his junior season, and one more year would have been highly beneficial. Gabbert also rushed for 5 more TDs on the season, but that was not enough to offet his barely average production.
     Speaking of production shortages, the Tigers did not have one solid back that they could depend on in 2010. The Tigers did average 156.38 yards per game rushing as a team, but nobody rushed for more than 517, which came from De'Vion Moore. Moore also rushed for 8 scores on the season. Henry Josey and Kendial Lawrence combined for a line of 149-859-9.
     TJ Moe and Michael Agnew were the real stars on offense. Moe went 92-1045-6, while Agnew, a TE, went for 90-762-5 and finished second in the race for the All-Bilo TE of the Year. Jerrell Jackson and Wes Kemp combined for 89-1076-6. The receivers did a very nice job, but Gabbert did little to amp up scoring in the redzone with this group.
     Andrew Gachkar and Zaviar Gooden, bith LBs, led the team in tackles with 84 each on the season, and combined for 100 solo tackles. Nobody else had more than 69. The defensive line was loaded with talent, and this group did wht they are there to do. Brad Madison led the team with 11 TFLs, while Aldon Smith and Jacquies Smith both had 10. A 4th, Michael Sam, who was a freshman in 2010, picked up 7. Madison led the team with 7.5 sacks on the season.
     The pass defense gave up 203 yards passing per game. The secondary did not have any super playmakers, but senior Kevin Rutland led the team with 7 pass breakups. Sophomore Kip Edwards knocked 6 away. Rutland led the team with 3 picks, and the Tigers picked off 18 passes as a team, with 10 different Tigers picking off passes.
     Grant Ressel was about as money as a kicker can get. He hit on 17 of his 19 Fgs on the season, but did miss 2 PATs on the season. The PATs never did any damage, but you should never miss those. All in all, Ressel was automatic, and that's all that counts.
     Matt Grabner was also very dependable at punter. Grabner was solid with a 42.58 yard average on the season, giving the defense ample room to work.

The Tigers always seem to be able to come up just short when it comes to getting to the top of the Big 12. The Tigers very much had an opportunity to win the Big 12 North this season, as Nebraska gift wrapped the North title, and then Missouri gave it right back. It's difficult for me to be hopeful about the Tigers in 2011, with a new QB coming in with very little or no experience. 2011 will not likely provide another opportunity.

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