Thursday, March 31, 2011

Citadel Bulldogs 2010 Review

2010 Record: 3-8 (1-7), Tied 8th Southern
2010 Postseason: None
2010 Schedule/Results: Chowan, W 56-14, @ Arizona, L 52-6, Presbyterian, W 26-14, @ Furman, L 31-14, Western Carolina, L 24-13, Chattanooga, L 28-10, @ Appalachian State, L 39-10, Georgia Southern, L 20-0, @ Wofford, L 35-0, Elon, L 27-16, @ Samford, W 13-12


     Nothing much ever changes at the Citadel. The fact that the Bulldogs have never challenged for a conference title or playoff birth in my adult life (which is fairly considerable at this point) is as much a statement about Citadel football as anything. It's not important. Winning doesn't seem to matter, and losing is tolerated because it's the experience of playing that means more than anything. Fine by me, but Citadel should have taken the route of another long time former member of the SoCon, VMI, and left for an easier path, as VMI took flight for the Big South. Citadel is outclassed yearly in this league, and is just constant doormat material here.
     The Bulldogs don't pass the football. They have been an option team since anyone can remember. QB is a focus for taking snaps and finding new and unique ways to hand off or pitch out. Such is the way of Citadel football, and such it will always be. Matthew Thompson was the QB in 2010, and he attemmpted a whopping 63 passes on the season, passing for 353 yards and 3 TDs. Considering how often he didn't pass, it's stunning that he managed to still get picked 7 times.
     Considering that the Bulldogs are an option team, they really didn't run the ball very well either. Terrell Dallas was the leading rusher, but only managed to rush for 646 yards in 11 games, and also only managed 6 TDs on the year. Nobody else managed to even rush for half of that total.
     There was basically no receiving game to worry about, but Domonic Jones was the main receiver, having caught 12 passes for 192 yards and 2 TDs.
     The Bulldogs only had two defenders in the top 20 for tackles, with Tolu Akindele (80 tackles), and Rod harland (64) being the sole providers of playmaking ability every down. When you see the lack of tackles being made by the Bulldogs, it becomes evident as to why Citadel lost 8 games. They were a decent unit altogether, but never coujld make the plays necessary when games were on the line, and they were also abandoned by a go nowhere but backwards offense. 
     Erik Clanton, a senior in 2010, and Quinton Turner gave the Bulldogs faithful something to cheer about up front, as Clanton finished 2nd in the SoCon in TFLs with 17 on the season. Turner joined him in the double figure club with 10. Clanton also finished 2nd in the league in sacks, becoming a QBs least best friend a total of 11 times last fall. Sacks were thin overall, as nobody came close to joining Clanton at those lofty numbers.
     There were not a ton of plays being made in the secondary for the Bulldogs, but teams were not exactly going pass happy on the Citadel. This unit only gave up 171 yards passing per game in 2010, a number which when you consider how really bad Citadel was (again), is a very respectable total. This was done despite having nobody with more than 5 passes defended, or having more than 3 picks on the season.
     Ryan Sellers made a dysmal 5 FGs in 2010, but it wasn't like he was generating a ton of attempts. On the entire 2010 season, Sellers only attempted 9 FGs. His percentage of completion was just pre crap, and this needs to change, as Citadel struggles to score enough without a shit kicker killing opportunities.Cass Couey was pure phooey as well at Punter, as he only managed to average just over 39 yards per punt in 2010.


Wow. Citadel sucked again. There's a shock for all ages. Seriously, they have sucked for as long as I can remember, and I go back 30 seasons in my memory banks. It's a constant in life. You think it's death and taxes? I call it Citadel football. Suckage as dependable as a swiss watch.

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