Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Mexico State Aggies 2010 Review

2010 Record: 2-10 (1-7), 8th WAC
2010 Bowl game: None
2010 Schedule/Results
San Diego State, L 41-21
@ UTEP, L 42-10
@ Kansas, L 42-16
Boise State, L 59-0
New Mexico, W 16-14
@ Fresno State, L 33-10
@ Idaho, L 37-14
San Jose State, W 29-27
@ Utah State, L 27-22
Louisiana Tech, L 41-20
@ Nevada, L 52-6
Hawaii, L 59-24

296.5 yards per game

Ever want to see what a disaster looks like? Watch the Aggies attempt to play offense, and you have your master vision. In defense of the Aggie offense, QB Matt Christian got hurt, and that killed the unit, but nobody else even bothered to step up, and it's not like Christian was surrounded by talent or even by a half decent playbook. Christian was held to 171 yards per game passing with only 8 TDs. He only tossed 2 picks, but only played in 8 games due to injury. More will be expected from him in 2011, but does it matter?
The run game was practically devoid of all talent, as Kenny Turner was held to just 46 yards per game and 2 TDs. That was the best the Aggies could get out of their stable. Horrific.
Marcus Allen and Kyle NElson were the best two receivers on the team, and that was not saying a ton. Nelson was a decent option at TE, but the rest of the receivers were in the tank. Kenny Turner was the 3rd best receiver on the team, and he's a RB.
There is way too much work to be done to expect radical improvement next season.

453.3 yards allowed per game

Let's just be safe and acknowledge that NMSU did not play much defense in 2010, and that was due mostly to an inept offense leaving the D out on the field for huge minutes in 2010, and there was very little in the way of depth to sustain that fact.
The fact is that you would expect more from a DeWayne Walker coached defense than this. The Defensive Line is missing any playmakers, as TFLs and Sacks are a rarity in Las Crucas. The LBs don't make a tackle without the world helping out on them, and the secondary is a rotating door of TDs allowed. Again, the holes are cavernous when it comes to the lack of actual talent at NMSU, a team that has seen the postseason once since 1960.


Tyler Stampler may be the only shining star on the team. The sophomore PK hit 16 of his 19 FGs, often being the only thing that Aggie fans (are there any?) had to cheer about. Stampler will be a junior in 2011, giving the faithful at least one thing to care about.
The punting was a train wreck, which also killed the defense, as two punters tried the job, with neither getting close to a 40 yard average.
Taveon Rogers is a very talented return man, and due to the horrible defense, he was able to rack up over 1400 yards in returns. Todd Lee is a decent return man on punts, but being that the Aggies rarely hold anyone to a punt, he had very few opportunities to shine.


2 wins came against two horrid programs in New Mexico and San Jose State. The Aggies have one of the 5 worst programs in college football, and DeWayne Walker was a fool to ever take on this debacle of a team. NMSU is a coaching graveyard, and would be one of my worst jobs in coaching in any sport. There is no light at the end of the tunnel.

9/3 Ohio, 9/10 @ Minnesota, 9/17 UTEP, 10/1 @ New Mexico, 11/5 @ Georgia, 11/19 @ BYU

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