Thursday, February 17, 2011

Idaho State Bengals 2010 Review

2010 Record: 1-10 (0-8), 9th Big Sky
2010 Playoffs: None
2010 Schedue/Record
Montana-Western, W 32-3
@ Utah State, L 38-17
@ Northern Colorado, L 35-21
Northern Arizona, L 32-7
@ Portland State, L 38-3
@ Montana, L 47-28
Weber State, L 16-13
Montana State, L 23-20
@ Georgia, L 55-7
Sacramento State, L 45-17
@ Eastern Washington, L 34-7

225.7 yards per game
Passing Leader: Russell Hill, 1194 yards, 8 TDs, 8 INTs
Rushing Leader: Corey White, 274 yards, 2 TDs; Tavoy Moore, 252 yards, 0 TDs
Receiving Leaders: Rodrick Rumble, 32-464-2; Tavoy Moore, 34-421-3; Josh Hill, 17-165-3

The correct category for this unit should be titled "what offense?". ISU only managed to rush for 56.2 yards per game on the season, one of the worst in the country. The passing game was hardly paassable at 169.5 yards per game under Hill, who couldn't get this team up any hill in 2010. There was nothing passable about this offense, and everyone failed miserably. The Bungles only scored more than 21 points twice all season.

417.8 yards per game allowed
Tackle Leader:AJ Storms, 13.27 per game
TFL Leader: Basim Hudeem, 8
Sack Leader: Sean Rutten, 5
INT Leader: Dustin Tew, 3 (1 TD)
Passes Defended Leader: Basim Hudeen, 5

This unit was barely better than the offense was in 2010, but they did boast LB of the Year in Storms. Storms was an animal all season, and seems to be the guy holding all of the heart on this football team. He may have shared some with Hudeen, but that is about it. ISU is by far the worst program in the Big Sky, and improvement is going to be hard to come by until someone invests heavily into the future of the program.

FG: Brendan Garcia, 8/14
Punting: David Harrington, 44.35
Punt Returns: Tavoy Moore, 18.33 per return
Kick Returns: Tavoy Moore, 24.13 per return (2 TDs)

Moore didn't show much as a RB on the season, but he sure did rip it a new one on returns. He totalled up over 1000 yards in returns on the season, the only player other than Hill at QB to even sniff that nimber in any category, so that should be applauded.
Harrington has a major leg at Punter, and was named Punter of the Year. Garcia is the weak link in this group. When your offense cannot score, at least be able to kick a field goal, and ISU cannot depend on that to happen with hits guy.


Another terrible season, and another coaching casualty. The ISU administration had seen enough, and they sent John Zamberlain packing. So now they start over with former Montana State castoff Mike Kramer. Kramer is not the best fit for the job, but he was the best that they could get. I will cover what I have dug up on Kramer at a later date, so stay tuned, because you'll be a little shocked. This program is miserably horrible, and the corner to turn is nowhere in sight. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

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