Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Great West All-Bilo Team 2010

Great West Conference logo
QB-Brad Sorensen, Southern Utah
RB-Mark rodgers, Cal Poly
RB-Austin Minefree, Southern Utah
WR-Tysson Poots, Southern Utah
WR-Sean Creadick, UC-Davis
TE-Dean Rogers, UC-Davis
Best Offensive Line: Southern Utah
DL-Gavin Cooper, Cal Poly
DL-James Chen, Cal Poly
DL-Trent Barney, Southern Utah
DL-Cody Larson, Southern Utah
LB-Dozie Amajoyi, UC-Davis
LB-Marty Mohamed, Cal Poly
LB-Kenny Jackson, Cal Poly
DB-Blake Fenn, Southern Utah
DB-Asa Jackson, Cal Poly
DB-Nico Molino, Cal Poly
DB-Erron Vonner, Southern Utah
PK-Sean Kelley, UC-Davis
P-Colton Schmidt, UC-Davis
KR-Mark Rodgers, Cal Poly
PR-Asa Jackson, Cal Poly
Due to the small size of the conference, I have only chosen one team for this conference.

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