Tuesday, January 4, 2011

WAR...My Personal Battle With Ohio State, Auburn, Sugar Bowl Execs, The BCS

     I have become an angry college football fan. Aside from being a writer that has covered this sport for a very long time, I am at a greater length, like most of us, a fan of what I still consider to be the greatest game going. That being said, there are forces out there that are ruining the game. They are ruining what it means to be an amateur, all in the name of, what else, money. This is nothing new, because as ESPN has been more than kind enough to show us how filthy the sport has been. The filth didn't just begin in the 70's or 80's either. It is an imortal being that goes back to the beginning. Mankind has to win, and by any means necessary. We are not a species of good losers. The MO is that "if you're not cheating, then you're not trying" as we've heard Jim Rome say on his nshow for years now.Here's the deal. I have had enough of it. And what's more so, I am sick of how we as the fanbase are expected to sit here and accept it, and to give tacit approval to a system that has corrupted sport and society at large. Here is my personal war...

The Ohio State Factor

     One has to love the Ohio State Buckeyes and their corrupt athletic administration that is basically just about as bad as any administration in the history of college football. I start with Gordon Gee, one of the biggest morons to ever (dis)grace college athletics with his moronic rants on non-AQ (a term that I hate) schools and their involvement in the BcS or national championship picture. Gee created a shockwave when he stated that neither TCU nor Boise State should EVER have a shot at the BCS or national title. He later receded back to the banks of the river stupid by saying that he had no place to speak on college football when TCU was an Auburn loss away from playing for said title. He also backed down when every single Big 10 squad was eliminated from title consideration. And in case you have been stuck in a cave with your arm trapped under a boulder for the last several days, TCU won the Rose Bowl over (Big 10 flop) Wisconsin and finished 13-0 with a legitimate claim to a piece of a crown.
     Here is the situation, however, with why the administration as a whole is corrupt. First off, know this. Ohio State has more compliance officers than any school in the NCAA. Yet, Ohio State has had some of the most obtuse compliance disasters than just about anyone else. This week, after it became apparent that Terrelle Pryor and 4 others were busted for giving away signed items and rings for free tats, Terrelle Pryor was found to have been driving several different vehicles belonging to a Columbus area car dealer. His excuse when caught? "My car was in the shop". Either he has a really shitty car, or else he is just full of shit himself, and I am guessing that it's the latter. This is not the first time that this has happened either. When Maurice "the Convict" Clarrett was at OSU, he too was a beneficiary of having a shitty car that was in the shop all of the time as well. And he also reportedly lived 15 miles from campus. Who's home was he living in when on campus housing was paid for under the terms of his scholarship? Doubt very much that he was still living at home. He told Jim Tressel that his car was a junker and that he lived 15 miles away, and Tressel told him to go see a guy. Sounds like an Eric Dickerson deal to me, without the Gold Trans Am. I am told that at least one of the vehicles was a brand new Lexus, though. I can't swing a Lexus, can you? And let's not forget about the fact that Maurice was athug who never should have set foot on a college campus to begin with and spent several years in prison.
     Now I get back to the tattoo business. Do I really care about kids getting free tats? No, I really could give a damn about it. Do I care that it violates very clear rules and regulations, and that it could be used as a method to recruit kids to your school? Yeah I have a really big problem with that. I have a really big problem with kids driving around in big time vehicles that they could never afford, because as we already know, that is another key item used to recruit kids to a school. Do I have a problem with kids living in mysterious off-campus housing when nobody is stepping forward with documentation as to who is paying the rent? Yes I have an issue with that too, because again, it's a recruiting tool, and it violates everything about the NCAA laws and by-laws.
     Now we have the situation where the Tat 5 kids are all playing in the Sugar Bowl, even though they have officially been suspended for 5 games in 2011 for their part in that scheme. How do you suspend a kid for 5 games and not suspend him for the game this week, which is a game that is suposed to be a reward? Then you have Jim Tressel stating that he got all 5 to promise to return to school in 2011, because it would only be "fair" if they all came back to serve their punishment. What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Either Tressel is the biggest fucking idiot on Earth, or he thinks we all are. Again, I pick the latter. I would be more than shocked if any of the Tat 5 returned to Ohio State in 2011, and if you think that this deal was right by any means, I challenge you to re-check your ethics barometer.
     My probelm with the Tat 5 Sugar Bowl deal is that it sends every single wrong message to the youth of America that can ever be sent. These guys are all going to walk, and nobody is going to pay the price for breaking the rules. Why? Read further on when I attack the Sugar Bowl Execs.
     Ohio State and Jim Tressel thinks that we're stupid. They think that we can't possibly see what's going on here, and even if we do, we will sit here like witless bobble heads and eat up the bullshit. Will you sit there and take it? Or will you join my fight against this garbage and send in letters to the NCAA that you as a fan will not accept it anymore, and you are sick of being made a mockery of? My opinion is that it's time to fight, and it's time to take our game back.

The Auburn Factor

     The Auburn Tigers are as filthy as it comes, and the SEC as a whole (minus Vanderbilt) joins the club. Cameron "Money" Newton gets over on you every time he steps on the field, and believe you me, Monday will be the last time that he ever does that. Money has been a thug every where that he has been. Money never really went to class at Florida, and when he had to comply with testing to get grades, he simply cheated his way through them, and had everyone else do all his work. He was an NCAA compliance liability freight train, and even Urban Meyer had no choice but to bounce his ass out of Gainesville on the first bus. Newton never bothered to hide his cheating ways as a Gator. There was also a little incident where he stole a laptop, but that got buried too for a while.
     It is highly debatable that Money ever did anything at Blinn JC other than play football for a season, and he picked up an NJCAA National Title for his trouble. His HC at Blinn was Brad Franchione, the son of notorious rule bender/breaker Dennis Franchione. Word out of  Blinn is that the apple didn't fall far from the tree, and Blinn forced Franchione out yesterday despite his amazing record. You don't fire a big time winning coach if he wasn't up to something really nasty. It just doesn't happen, and everything was fine until all of the Money Newton stories strarted flying around.
     And now, he had his rights purchased by Auburn. There is evidence that piles up like a sky scraper that there was all sorts of wrong doing in Newton's recruitment that started with a whistle blower out of MIssissippi State. But here's the thing about the south. You don't blow a whistle. Not ever. About anything. Jeffery Wygand anyone? The whole thing gets buried by Auburn, the NCAA, and the SEC. It's bad for business. You don't fuck with old money, and there is a ton of that at Auburn and in the SEC in general.
     Here is my thing. The NCAA let enough info go to say that there was wrong doing where Money's father was concerned, because he was pimping his kid's ass like a $2 whore, and he was getting $250,000 for his trouble. Not one part of me believes that he never got his money. Dude is rolling in it, and he is laughing at all of us all the way to his off shore accounts. But here's where it gets funny and tragic all at the same time. Poor Money didn't know that Daddy dearest was pimping him out to the highest bidder. He didn't have a clue as it turns out. So he doesn't have to get punished, because Daddy was up to some crazy secret agent shit that even his own son didn't know about. Really? Even a whore knows when she's getting pimped out, one would think. Maybe Money is just the dumbest whore on Earth...
     But wait, there's more...Several Auburn players have gotten in trouble in recent weeks leading up to the BS title game. Yeah, I left out the C this time. What of it? Not a single suspension has been announced. Wonder why? Read on further when I attack the BCS and ESPN.

The Sugar Bowl Execs Factor

     Oh, how I detest these fuckers. This all ties back into the Ohio State scam. As it turns out, the Sugar Bowl Execs actively lobbied Ohio State not to suspend the Tat 5. They don;t even try to cover it up or lie about it. They are as open and honest as Sarah Palin's idiocy (had to take a crack). Wanna know why the execs lobbied for non-suspension? To protect the "integrity of the bowl". What the fuck??? Wiat a minute. Let me get this inane shit straight. You want some kids who broke just about every rule in the book (and you know that it does not end at tattoos) to be suspended, just not for your glorious bowl because you're worried about integrity? Wow. You must think that we're all idiots. Integrity must mean something different down south, because my understanding of the word integrity means to me that you do the right thing, even if it is to your own detriment, because that's the way a solid and upstanding society works. The right thing to these morons is that you odon't do the right thing, because if your game loses a few stars, your game may suck, and you'll lose a few bucks in ratings revenue. Holy shit, but that makes no sense.
     Let's send a message to America. Do the wrong thing. As long as it makes someone a boatload of cash, it'll be ok. Fuck doing what's right, because it's bad for business. It is the American way, afterall. That is the perfect message to the youth of America. Eureka!!! We found it. Now we can properly raise the next generation of world leading assholes!!! Hooray!!!
     Apparently, the Sugar Bowl thinks that we're all stupid, too. They also expect us to suck it up and deal with it. Fuck you all, we're giving you good TV, you ingrateful bastards. Sorry Arkansas, fan, but I say boycott this piece of crap. Send in the letters people. Let's take the game back from these greedy malcontents that think that we're all idiots.

The BCS Factor

     What I have learned about the BCS in the years of its miserable existence is this. The BCS has ruined the Bowls, has ruined college football to a huge degree. It has done nothing for the "little guy" and has virtually corrupted anything that moves. The money, which was already way out of control, has gotten worse and has propegated a system where you literrally have to cheat your ass off to survive. It has taken grand tradition, such as the spectacle that was always New Years Day, and has turned it into the biggest who cares moment of the year. You are now upset if you end up in the Rose Bowl rather than in the so called championship game.
     What was really wrong with the old way? We didn't have a clear cut champion every year? So what? That's what was beautiful about it. It gave us something to talk and bitch about all off season long. It kept the game alive in March and April, because there was still positive controversy. It was unique and awesome. Now we have this muddled shit, and we still don't have a true champion, as TCU is 13-0 and won't get to play for it. How is that right?
     All the BCS has managed to do is create a discrimintory environment in college sports. It's in the very terms we use today, such as AQ and the dreaded Non-AQ. As in non, as in you're not good enough to be in our club. You can't possibly be a part of our elitist society, because you are non-special. You're new money, and we're old money, and we don't mix. As in non, we don't want you. And when you do get in , it's like being forced to invite that annoying kid from school that everyone hates to your party, because your mom is friends with his mom, and his heart will be broken if he's left out. Nobody wants him there, and we all have to sit and deal with it.
     TCU was that annoying kid, and we almost had to have a second annoying little shit in Boise State, but thank God that Nevada beat his ass out by the swing sets and he ended up having to go to that welfare party out in Vegas. Whew, that was close.
     Seeing TCU win the Rose Bowl was honestly and in all seriousness, one of my happiest college football moments of all time. It was beautiful to hear all of these idiot pundits talk about how "this was for the little guy". Fuck all of that. TCU is no little guy, and they are nationally elite now. And nothing for nothing, but Boise State can play with any of you on any day. Nevada just turned out to be incredibly awesome this season.
     But if the BCS had their way, TCU would not have been there, because they are Non-AQ, and we don't like your kind.
    Descrimintory, corrupt, and cancerous...the BCS.

The conclusion of this article will release tonight. I hope that you enjoy it, and I hope that it gives you all something to think about.
Tonight, I will lash out at ESPN and the NCAA in general. I hope that you tune in and check it out.


  1. Well said sir, but with Auburn and the BCS, add it all together. It was very clear that Cam "Cash" Newton is eligible just to keep TCU out of the B_S championship game. You can't call it the "National Championship" because there is no true champion. Personally the AP should make themselves important and vote TCU as the national champion.

  2. It is amazing to me that you can say anything you want and people can actually read it. Well sir you are an ass. You have no idean what you are talking about and I too am a mad fan. And it is mostly because of people like you. Show us the facts...OH you don't have any facts to back your wild clams. Darn just shows you what I said must be true!!!!!! YOU SIR ARE AN ASS!