Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Updates On What's Coming Up

     Good evening from Las Vegas. I had posted thta my final FBS PRS Rankings would be released today, and even though the final numbers have been crunched, I have discovered an error in the order, so there will be a slight delay until I can repair the problem. I have been crunching final numbers most of the day, so I aplogize. The final PRS rankings will be released tomorrow night for FBS.
     Also coming tomorrow night will be my version of the bowl system, which bowls I would keep, and which I would ditch. A little preview as I would cut 13 bowls out of the system, including the BCS title game, as it does not actually name a true champion. I will name the other 12 bowls that I would cut tomorrow. In so doing, I will announce my keepers, a schedule for those games, and who I would have had invited to them for the 2010 season. Tradition plays a big part (another hint).
     Throughout the next week, I will release my FBS players of the year at each individual position, much like I did with the FCS. I will then compile my FBS All-Bilo teams, and will also rerun my 1st team all Bilo FCS team, and then I will break down both the All-Bilo FBS and FCS 2nd and 3rd teams as well. Following that will come my all conference teams in both FBS and FCS, followed by my All-Class teams.
     In 2 weeks, I will break down each team individually, much as I started the year with my team by team previews. I will continue with my series, As the Carousel Spins, and will introduce a new series titled "Pop Quiz". The Quiz will be a daily series where I am asked 5 pressing college football questions, and you get my open and honest, no punches held back answers.
     Thanks to all of you for a terrific first season of The Bilo College Football Report. This seaosn was just a small hint of what's coming, and we look forward to continued growth and to the ability to learn from one another. Get involved and sign up as a follower, and receive free notifications of new posts via email. See you all tomorrow.

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